Hollywood Golden Days...Glamorous Stars, Amazing Cars

Paulette Goddard, getting into her husband's (Charlie Chaplin) Rolls-Royce Phantom II Some 20s glamour:

Fatty Arbuckle and his 1919 Pierce Arrow

Erich Von Stroheim and his Cadillac

Harold Lloyd and wife Mildred Davis with their Buick

Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry aka Stepin Fetchit with his Cadillac Phaeton

Joan Crawford with her 1929 Ford Town Car

Babe Ruth receiving a 1926 Auburn Roadster as a gift

And now - to 30s and 40s!

Lilian Harvey and her Mercedes

Johnny Weissmuller with his 1932 Chevrolet

Clark Gable with his 1932 Packard

Laurel and Hardy in their Buick 1930 Series 30 Model 30-45 phaeton

Joan Crawford (again) and her 1930 (or 1931) Cadillac Fleetwood

Carl Brisson behind the wheel of his 1934 Isotta Fraschini

Al Jolson with his Mercedes

Jean Harlow with her Cadillac

William Powell admires Gary Cooper's Duesy

Buck Jones with his 1933 Packard Special

Errol Flynn driving his Packard...

... and Auburn Roadster

Tyrone Power with his Duesenberg...

... and post-war Jaguar

Robert Montgomery with his Cadillac Sport Phaeton

Joan Crawford (yes, again!) driving her 1933 Ford roadster

James Stewart with his Plymouth

Ginger Rogers and her 1937 Dodge

Norwegian Olympic figure-skating champion, and Hollywood star Sonja Henie, posing with her Cord 810

Cecil B deMille with his 1937 Cord

Rita Hayworth with her 1941 Lincoln Continental

Bing Crosby giving rides around the studio lot in his 1939 Olds coupe convertible

Cary Grant parked on the fender of his 1941 Buick Century

And finally, some double-retro:

John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in a 1914 Stutz Bear Cat.