Friday, April 01, 2011 2:39 AM

Home Buyers' Strike in Australia; Bubble Set to Burst; Steve Keen on the Oz Bubble; What You Can Do


A huge number of readers from down under have sent emails regarding a property buyers' strike in Australia.

For example, please consider this email from Bron Suchecki at the Perth Mint.

Bron writes ...

Hello Mish,

A Buyers' Strike Campaign ... -more.html is gaining momentum in Australia with mainstream media coverage.

Steve Keen is getting behind it as per his post GetUp campaign suggestion: First Home Property Buyers Strike ... rs-strike/

What makes this right up your alley is that the campaign started on a website called GetUp.

They style themselves as "an independent political movement to build a progressive Australia. GetUp! brings together like-minded people who want to bring participation back into our democracy."

What is interesting is that according to a comment on this “campaignâ€