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Fri Sep 10 2010
San Bruno explosion and fire location, pics (patrick.net)
Falling Rates Aid Debtors, but Screw Savers (nytimes.com)
'Pain comes roaring back' on foreclosure front (southcoasttoday.com)
Las Vegas Housing Market Reports 12.7% Yearly Sales Decline in August (realestatechannel.com)
House sales in Las Vegas fall in August (lasvegassun.com)
Phoenix housing market lacks supply of homebuyers (azcentral.com)
California MLS inventory up 25 percent since April (mybudget360.com)
Again on Existing House Months' Supply: What's "Normal?" (calculatedriskblog.com)
Fed Abandoned Its Duty in Pre-Crisis Housing Bubble Posture (nakedcapitalism.com)
Greenspan Should Have Seen Housing Crisis, Burry Says (sfgate.com)
Burry, Predictor of Mortgage Collapse, Bets on Farmland, Gold (bloomberg.com)
Drunken, Raucous Bond Market Is About to Be Ill (bloomberg.com)
Global Housing Rebound Loses Momentum (bloomberg.com)
FDIC's Bair calls for tighter lending standards to pare U.S. mortgage risk (builderonline.com)
Higher education overused, overpriced (nypost.com)
Man charged with renting out houses he doesn't own (sun-sentinel.com)

Thu Sep 9 2010
NY Times contemplates letting the housing market correct itself (csmonitor.com)
Time to stop propping up the housing market? (sfgate.com)
Let housing prices fall where they may (doctorhousingbubble.com)
Fannie Mae to Sell Foreclosed Houses With Subprime Lending Terms (housingwatch.com)
Subprime 2.0 Coming Soon to a Suburb Near You (bloomberg.com)
Federal aid coming to underwater debtors, to harm buyers (heraldnet.com)
As HAMP, HARP slow down, some analysts not happy with results (snl.com)
The Bears and the State of Housing (nytimes.com)
Fed sees weakened Western housing (ocregister.com)
Think tanks says rate hikes will soften Canadian housing market (toronto.ctv.ca)
Refinance activity drops off, and house purchases remain unpopular (community.nasdaq.com)
House sale listings rose in August (reuters.com)
Scary Housing Numbers (sandiegoreader.com)
San Bernardino: Two brothers charged with foreclosure fraud (blogs.pe.com)
How house prices and debts build ugly tensions between parents and children (blogs.telegraph.co.uk)
If You Thought the Housing Bubble Was Bad (blog.american.com)
California Coast Completely Photographed (californiacoastline.org)

Wed Sep 8 2010
Housing Inventories Rise for Eighth Straight Month (blogs.wsj.com)
'Prime' house prices may crash harder than the rest (moneyweek.com)
California Realtors To Pay Political Fee To Corrupt Our Laws (realtytimes.com)
Will Government Let Housing Market Crash (and lose those CAR donations)? (rejournalonline.com)
True Cost Of The Wall Street Bailout (dailybail.com)
Shock Therapy for the Housing Market (thenewamerican.com)
The Policy of Screwing Prudent Renters to Benefit Loan Owners (irvinehousingblog.com)
Walking Away From a Mortgage (kiplinger.com)
Volatile Housing Market Baffles Houseowners (audio - npr.org)
House Equity Lines Of Credit: The Next Looming Disaster? (businessinsider.com)
Urban Legends: City vs Suburbs (foreignpolicy.com)
From owners to renters, foreclosure is complete (edhtelegraph.com)
Do houseowner regulations go too far? (starnewsonline.com)
For rent in Los Altos, only $18,000 per month (patrick.net)

Tue Sep 7 2010
Housing Woes Bring New Cry: Let Market Crash (cnbc.com)
Facing foreclosure at $5 million and up (mortgage.ocregister.com)
Newport house foreclosed at $7.8 million (mortgage.ocregister.com)
Another potential house seller chases the market down (calculatedriskblog.com)
A housing market out of sync (washingtonpost.com)
San Francisco landlords suddenly jacking up rent prices? (patrick.net)
Desert Mesa Ghost Town (lasvegassun.com)
Apartments go belly up, too The Columbus Dispatch (dispatch.com)
Floria: HOA charging $600 for a mailbox (weblogs.sun-sentinel.com)
Despite government's efforts to kill free market, housing remains mired (statesman.com)
How Debt Can Destroy a Budding Relationship (nytimes.com)
Heavy in dollars, China warns of depreciation (reuters.com)
The true cost of the bank bailout (pbs.org)
How to End the Great Recession (nytimes.com)
Why Do CEOs Make So Much Money? (newsweek.com)
US imaginary housing value down at least $4 trillion (philly.com)
No defence left against double-dip recession (telegraph.co.uk)
Learning to Survive the Coming Perfect Storm (theautomaticearth.blogspot.com)
5 Doomsday Scenarios for the U.S. Economy (theatlantic.com)
Fears grow over global food supply (edition.cnn.com)

Fri Sep 3 2010
Does The MLS Lie about Existing House Prices? (zerohedge.com)
Housing Numbers - Are They Being Cooked? (market-ticker.org)
Why can't I make a fortune on these? (patrick.net)
Real estate investor files for bankruptcy (sanluisobispo.com)
Burglarized House? Oakland Police Want You to Know 'We're Not Coming' (legalblogwatch.typepad.com)
Serial Killer's Former California House Sells (blogs.wsj.com)
California economy destined for years of slow growth, declining house values (doctorhousingbubble.com)
What happens when your HOA becomes hostile? (sfgate.com)
Foreclosures soar in Mass. in July (boston.com)
Employed, but still stressed by joblessness (vcstar.com)
Housing Can Find a Home Without Fannie, Freddie (bloomberg.com)
The Upcoming Collapse of the Banking Cartel (irvinehousingblog.com)
Mortgage modification ends in foreclosure filing (signonsandiego.com)
How Obama Got Rolled by Wall Street (newsweek.com)
Bernanke Rejects Criticism Of Fed As Cause Of Financial Crisis (rttnews.com)
Rumors that China's central bank chief defected; $430 billion loss on U.S. Treasuries (au.ibtimes.com)
Ron Paul questions whether there's gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed (thehill.com)
Are We a Kleptocracy and What Does That Mean Anyway? (alternet.org)
3 Congressmen Under Investigation For Bribery In Financial Reform Vote (dailybail.com)

Thu Sep 2 2010
For Case-Shiller Housing Prices, October Is The "Witching Hour" (businessinsider.com)
43.4% of Sacramento-area mortgages "underwater" (blogs.sacbee.com)
Houseowners feel stress of life 'underwater' (msnbc.msn.com)
US Housing Still In Uncertain Waters (indexuniverse.com)
A nation of renters: Houseownership not worth the cost? (articles.moneycentral.msn.com)
Renting could ease foreclosures, help housing market (thehill.com)
House Sales Drop 27 Percent In July And Things Are Only Going To Get Worse (english.pravda.ru)
Last Remaining Hopes Crushed, Homedebtors Defend House Ownership (irvinehousingblog.com)
Owners of Rumson mansion reduce price from $29.9M to $19.5M (app.com)
Housing bubble threatens to burst in six Canadian cities (sudburystar.com)
Vancouverites could lose $200,000 on average if housing bubble bursts (bivinteractive.com)
Does pricey Vancouver have a U.S.-like housing bubble? (blogs.marketwatch.com)
Housing bubble threat resurfaces in Canada (fftimes.com)
No talk of new homebuyer tax credit: Obama's housing adviser (reuters.com)
Why Obama's mortgage-relief program failed (sfweekly.com)
Drowning in debt: top 15 states for underwater mortgages (sfgate.com)
America's Biggest Jobs Program -- the U.S. Military (robertreich.org)
How Much Is Enough? America's Runaway Military Spending (hnn.us)
Market Data Firm Spots the Tracks of Bizarre Robot Traders (theatlantic.com)
Final Resting Place, In Foreclosure (voices.washingtonpost.com)

Wed Sep 1 2010
Use Caution Reading Tuesday's Case-Shiller Report (blogs.wsj.com)
Housing markets: Return of the boom? Not so fast. (economist.com)
Housing quagmire: Is it time to remove "relief"? (money.cnn.com)
Fewer interested in houseownership (signonsandiego.com)
Where's Housing Headed? (newsweek.com)
Fed sees 'quite soft' housing market (ocregister.com)
Economists See More House Price Declines Ahead (money.usnews.com)
San Diego condo gives back buyer deposits (signonsandiego.com)
The ocean view did not get $1 million better from 2001 to 2010 (doctorhousingbubble.com)
Optimistic Housing group gives four-year negative equity warning (bbc.co.uk)
Mortgage lending down amid warnings of second house price crash (telegraph.co.uk)
Bubble case-studies: Ireland and Canada (theautomaticearth.blogspot.com)
Why the "Hindenburg Omen" is Wrong (dailyfinance.com)
Wall Street Insiders Want Out, Selling $100 Million in Stock (cnbc.com)
Wall Street Early Early Bonuses Dodge Repeal Of Tax Cuts For The Richest (huffingtonpost.com)
Schaumburg man living in his driveway after eviction (dailyherald.com)

Tue Aug 31 2010
The answer to a housing recovery: LOWER PRICES (pragcap.com)
Fix the Housing Market: Let House Prices Fall (irvinehousingblog.com)
SF Bay Area Prices Keep Drifting Downward (patrick.net)
Desperate Consumers Stop Paying Mortgage to Pay Credit Cards (dailyfinance.com)
Reluctant landlords in metro Detroit rent to pay mortgages (freep.com)
Housing Market: What's Ahead? (curiouscapitalist.blogs.time.com)
Housing: The Un-American Dream (forbes.com)
Paying Off the House in 15 Years (online.wsj.com)
The Unbearable Lightness of the Bank Accounting Cover Up (dailybail.com)
Banks Recruit Investors to Oppose Honest Valuation of Assets (Mish)
To Overhaul GSEs, Divide Them into Three Parts (aei.org)
Corruption Reform: Reduce Government Housing Subsidies (nbnnews.com)
Asset Bubble Addicts Just Can't Shake the Habit (bloomberg.com)
Japanese vs American stock bubble crashes graph (dshort.com)
Rebuttal Of The "Bond Bubble" Talk (businessinsider.com)
REITs Attract Yield-Hungry Investors (businessweek.com)
Another Housing Tax Credit? (calculatedriskblog.com)
Ignore Talk of a Housing Tax Credit Revival (blogs.wsj.com)
Renters' Rights: The Basics (free book - nolo.com)
Ore. man pleads bankruptcy fraud, hiding gold (seattlepi.com)

Mon Aug 30 2010
Widespread Fear Freezes Housing Market (nytimes.com)
Procrastination on Foreclosures, Now Blatant, May Backfire (americanbanker.com)
One in 10 houseowners with a mortgage face foreclosure (contracostatimes.com)
Mauis foreclosure picture not pretty (mauinews.com)
Iowa: Foreclosure rate hits record level (thonline.com)
Foreclosure "Relief": Good for Banks, Lousy for Borrowers (dailyfinance.com)
Banks' Self-Dealing Super-Charged Financial Crisis (propublica.org)
Housing's new nightmare (money.cnn.com)
Why Housing Is Even Worse Than You Think (money.usnews.com)
Architectural gems languish on Calif. house market (news.yahoo.com)
CA Central Valley awash in worthless houses (centralvalleybusinesstimes.com)
More SF Area Housing Bubble Value Wiped Away (pacificariptide.com)
Two Charts: All You Need To Know About Canada's Housing Bubble (vreaa.wordpress.com)
Email From "Morally Conflicted" One Year After Walking Away (Mish)
Fed Assets Decline to $2.3 Trillion as Housing Securities Fall (bloomberg.com)
Commercial real estate failures are easier to spot than residential woes (dallasnews.com)
Housing, job market fates tied (gainesvilletimes.com)
Devalued Houses Anchor Prospective Job Seekers (npr.org)
Flipper Cash Propping Up Housing Market (npr.org)
China's Hu Jintao Asks Obama about US debt (very rude - dailybail.com)