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    How We Know Obama Hates America

    How We Know Obama Hates America

    Doug Boude (rhymes with 'loud'), Yahoo! Contributor Network
    Apr 21, 2011

    Watching the events of the political scene unfold for the past two years has been a horrific experience, with the only sense of hope coming from the 2010 midterm election results when a majority of rational thinkers
    replaced many members of the House and the Senate. But although I can physically see the things that have been taking place, I have been unable to fathom WHY a few individuals would commit such acts knowing full well what the consequences are and will be. It has been beyond my ability to comprehend...until two nights ago.

    The events to which I referred above can be summarized in this short list:

    - purposeful, continued, gluttonous spending of borrowed money;
    - purposeful, continued turning of a deaf ear to the will of the American people by the president and congressional leaders;
    - justification of dire situations rather than solutions to the same;
    - purposeful, continued neglect of America's southern border and the plight of the states suffering the brunt of illegal immigration;
    - purposeful, exaggerated apathy and slowness to react to situations requiring immediate leadership;
    - purposeful contradiction of domestic policy versus foreign policy (eg; no domestic drilling, but let Brazil);
    - purposeful lending/gifting of huge amounts of money to foreign interests while neglecting domestic interests;
    - purposeful, immoderate engaging in leisure activities, especially during times when leadership is most needed.

    I'm pretty sure if I thought about it more than the 30 seconds it took me to come up with the list above, I could probably add fifty more items, all of which are utterly perplexing when viewed with a mindset of common sense and preservation of country and self. So the burning question: WHY does our president behave and act this way?

    My first conclusion, which I came to a few months before November 2010, was that Barack Obama was either insanely stupid and could not see the results of his choices, or the man flat out hated America and was trying to destroy it. The more time passes, the more I listen to the man speak, and the more I listen to others analyze, criticize, and defend this man, the more I conclude that he's definitely not stupid. No, in fact he harbors the political prowess of a Chicago-style politician, planning his every move years ahead and being very adept at tying up loose ends. Yet still, even being utterly convinced that the man is purposefully attempting to run America over a very tall cliff, I was still plagued with the looming question of why he had made this his mission in life.

    The answer came to me in a conversation I was having with my wife about our military days. Even while still in boot camp, with the daily barrage of belittlement, humiliation, and physical abuse, I realized why it was that the path of basic training was necessary: The military has to bring everybody down to a low, common denominator in order to be able to successfully build its people back up in the way they want them to behave. You have to format your hard drive in order to start with a clean, fresh installation of Windows; you must erase the chalkboard in order to write the next day's lessons on it; and when you're president and you want to re-mold a nation to conform to the ideals, philosophies, and beliefs that you hold as your own, you first have to bring it down to the brink of ruin and collapse.

    Barack Obama holds a personal and political philosophy that greatly contradicts those of the majority of Americans and especially those of the founding fathers. Unfortunately for us, he has a host of like-minded sycophantic allies whose pooled resources of power, influence, and money enable him to pursue his agenda with fervor. The results of these alliances and his tireless efforts to bring our economy (and thus this country's people) to its knees are readily apparent every single day. Unemployment rates, the housing market, the stock market, our world reputation politically and economically, and the steady loss of faith in the US Dollar are all absolute indicators that this individual and his circle of powerful power-hungry mongrels are currently succeeding in tearing this nation down to the point where they can then begin to rebuild it "in their own image". We as a people and society are being put through the meat grinder, tested. Tested with the purposeful allowance of inflation to raise the prices of everyday necessities to near unaffordable levels; tested as the executive branch maneuvers to create, persist, and agitate the divisions and polarizations that exist among the Senate and the House, the states and the White House, and between ordinary, hard working citizens.

    Barack Obama wears the mask of a person who wants unity, wants cohesion, wants economic recovery; but his actions speak loud and clear that the existing and escalating chaos and uncertainty is precisely what his goals are. On that wave he intends to ride into another term as president, completing his goals of taking America to the edge of collapse, "enslaving" her masses to the teat of entitlement and welfare programs that most will absolutely need in order to simply survive on a daily basis, granting amnesty to the hordes of illegal (entitlement-minded) masses, placing his political worshipers into positions of power and influence, and then putting his efforts into the dismantlement and re-creation of the very heart of all that we as a people are: the Constitution of the United States of America.

    It is frightening to consider, but all of his actions and lack thereof clearly point to such an end game. Thank the Lord, though, we still have an opportunity to avert this disaster of historical proportions! The wisdom
    of our founding fathers intentionally created our political processes to be fairly slow moving so that no sudden shifts like those Barack Hussein Obama are chomping at the bit to enact can take place in that manner.

    We have an election coming in less than two years in which we can decidedly reverse this horrific trend of self-destruction and begin to repair the damage this man has almost single-handedly accomplished thus far.

    But, it's going to take a lot of effort on our part as a society. Barack is on the trail right now amassing what will probably be the largest campaign fund in the history of our nation. He'll be strategically spending it to ensure that we remain dazed and confused, turning on one another, unsure of the truth, and in our hour of weakness then convince us that he is indeed the answer to our prayers. His plan is already well in motion, as he strategically places himself in a position to be able to point fingers and cast blame to divert our attention away from the man himself. He attempts to molest our innate sense of fairness by proclaiming the unfairness of some possessing more than others and the righteousness there is in redistributing that wealth. His tactful and colorful use of phrasing will color our perspective; his ensuring that our lives are burdened with the additional stresses of a failing economy will distract us from the truth of the matter; and his polarizing attacks on those whose common sense dictates self-discipline and moderation will divide us as a nation. The evil intent of this individual knows no bounds, and the resources at his disposal to pursue those intents are equally infinite. The one thing beyond his reach is our own individual ability to reason, judge, and discern fact from fiction. Though he may wear the bonnet and gown, he will not be able to adequately respond to us at the polls in 2012 when we say "Obama, what big TEETH you have!", and fool us again into believing in his brand of "hope and change".

    In 2008 our common sense told us that McCain would simply bring more of the same, and so hope and change sounded like exactly what we needed to reform Washington and re-establish our country more in keeping with the intent of our founding fathers. The one mistake the majority of us made, though, was in our assumption of what Barack Hussein Obama actually meant by 'hope and change'. The lesson then ought to be: next time someone offers you Nirvana, go ahead and make them explain exactly what they mean by that.

    In the meantime then, my brethren, my recommendation is that you look outside your blinders at least a little, and consider the distinct possibility that all that you see going on around you is real and is a precursor to what is absolutely headed our way. Consider the distinct reality that, although we have been used to a quality and way of life that is unparalleled in the world, it can and very likely will take a turn for the worse in the very near future. Don't go crazy with it, but spend some effort and resources preparing yourself and your family to be more self-sufficient than you already are. Learn to garden, exercise your second amendment right (while you can!), spend a little extra at Sam's Club or Costco and stack some non-perishables and bottled water away in your pantry. At this point in the game, it's only craziness and lunacy to IGNORE what's happening. Don't wait until the winter comes (and come it will) before you allow yourself the responsible realization of the state you find yourself in. Anticipate, be proactive, and prepare. In Aesop's famous fable, the ant was the only one who had no regrets when the circumstances of the world around him turned negative. As for me and my house, we shall exercise our God-given ability for reason and discernment, and prepare. We will also do our part to oust this evil, anti-American individual in the 2012 election and will hopefully succeed so that we have a hope of restoring ourselves to what we once were.

    And that's all I have to say about that.

    Doug out. ... html?cat=7

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    Very good letter and the scary thing Is that It makes a whole lot of sense God Speed to all Americans

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    Anti-American,anti-capitalism, anti-Christian, and perhaps but not positive as I am on other points,anti-white, overall puts American in a bad place.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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    Everything happening in America currently scares the heck out of me. Sometimes I wonder if we are still asleep and are having a bad dream!! Because, it is so difficult to understand why any person cannot see the problems that is rapidly sending our Country to rock bottom. The sad part is persons who have the tools to fix the problems are standing around, and doing nothing as if they do not care if this Country is destroyed completely. Obama does "hate America" he just do not know how to lead this Country as it should be led.
    When you aid and support criminals, you live a criminal life style yourself:

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