HUGE!… Ron DeSantis: For the First Time in Florida History Republicans Will Go Into Election Day with Vote Lead Over Democrats (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft November 4, 2018 255 Comments


Republican Ron DeSantis joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures just two days before the 2018 midterm elections.

Ron DeSantis is running for governor of Florida against far left Democrat Andrew Gillum who is hoping to score a liberal victory with his promise of 40% tax hikes on business.

Ron DeSantis dropped this bomb on the show this morning.
DeSantis told Maria Bartiromo Republicans for the first time ever are leading Democrats going into Election Day.
Ron DeSantis: We’re not trailing in actual people who have voted Maria. We have more than half the vote has been cast. If you look at early and absentee votes Republicans are leading for the first time ever at this stage. I mean Donald Trump was down 175,000 Republican votes going into election day in 2016. He won by about 175,000. We are going to be going into election day with Republicans in the first time in Florida history up going into election day.

This lines up exactly with what we have been reporting this past month.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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