Human-caused carbon emissions have no discernible effect on climate, study finds

04/16/2024 // Ethan Huff // 970 Views

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Despite lots of very loud and very influential people claiming otherwise, the so-called "carbon emissions" caused by humans is "non-discernible," to quote a prominent researcher, when it comes to having an impact on the climate.Demetris Koutsoyiannis, a professor in Greece, published a paper recently that explains using scientific data how the expansion of a more productive biosphere is responsible for increased carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the atmosphere, which have thus created a "greening" effect on the earth.
While the official story is that most, if not all, of the recent alleged planetary "warming" is caused by the four percent human contribution of burning hydrocarbons, Koutsoyiannis says this is nonsense, according to actual science.
There is no "climate emergency," nor are humans responsible for destroying the earth with industry. While certain elements of industry could certainly be cleaned up to produce less pollution, the idea that human activity is causing the planet to boil to death is simply ludicrous.
According to Koutsoyiannis, a more productive biosphere is what has created a "natural amplification of the carbon cycle due to increased temperature." He adds that this may be the "primary factor for the decrease in the isotopic signature 13C in atmospheric CO2."
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Climate movie featuring Dr. John Clauser shadow-banned

Another prominent scientist and expert saying much the same thing is Dr. John Clauser, a 2022 Nobel physics laureate featured in Climate: The Movie.
"I assert there is no connection whatsoever between climate change and CO2 – it's all a crock of crap, in my opinion," Clauser is quoted as saying.
Climate: The Movie, by the way, is under attack by both mainstream and social media for telling the truth about climate change. The latter is actually shadow-banning the film, making it less accessible to the hoodwinked public that really needs to see it.
It turns out that the facts shared by Koutsoyiannis and Clauser are a threat to the multi-trillion-dollar climate industry, which needs people to believe that their existence is destroying the planet so widespread tyranny can be ushered in under the guise of "green" salvation.
Former Princeton University professor William Happer is another who says that the idea of humans in any way impacting the climate is a "scam," though he says he can also live with calling the idea a "hoax" as many now do.
Even within the climate fanaticism community, there is widespread disagreement over just how much the planet is supposedly warming due to people driving cars and eating meat.
The idea that humans in any way impact the climate is a concept that has only been around for about 50 years at a maximum. And only in the last decade or so has the concept become canon in mainstream science to the point that governments are making drastic changes to what is allowed in order to "save" the world from global warming.
There is nothing settled about climate science, though, which is a big reason why very little of it is actually trustworthy. At first, it was all about global cooling until later they changed it to global warming as reality no longer matched their earlier claims.
That anyone believes the global warming myth at all is a testament to how easily people are hoodwinked into believing radical fairy tales that are easily debunked through not only science but common sense. If only more people would listen to the Clausers and the Koutsoyianniss of this world.
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