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    Hurricane Sandy Updates

    Hurricane Sandy Update | American-Rattlesnake

    Atlantic City is living up to its name, and parts of the Bronx appear to be underwater. Connecticut is also being hit pretty hard. For information about Hurricane Sandy’s progress in the Nutmeg State,go here. Half of the people living in my old neighborhood of Dyker Heights are without power, according to my favorite independent bookstore, Boulevard Books & Cafe.
    You can discover whether you live in the danger zone through the hurricane evacuation zone finder, although by this point it’s probably best to hunker down, especially considering that your travel options are increasingly limited. You can find live updates here. Here’s a power outage map, courtesy of LIPA. Those of you living below Hylan Boulevard on Staten Island should prepare for extensive flooding and take precautions as needed.
    Hopefully, we’ll be able to sustain our Internet connection through the storm, but I wouldn’t be surprised if-like many other New Yorkers-we lose access sometime within the next day. Until then, enjoy the tweets of Mayor Bloomberg’s Spanish-language alter ego,Miguel Bloombito as well as the mesmerizing sounds of Brad Mehldau.
    h/t Nonesuch Records
    Reporting without fear or favor-American Rattlesnake

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    Stay safe, Shapka!
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    41 degrees with 50mph gusts here in Raleigh. Glad we are not in the direct path of this storm. Prayers for those ALIPACers that are.

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    This is What it Looks Like in NYC

    October 29, 2012 Source: Blacklisted News


    Port Authority NY&NJ @PANYNJ Flood waters rush in to the Hoboken PATH station through an elevator shaft. #Sandy


    On CNN, Erin Burnett, is walking through several inches of water, and it's still rising. Here's a shot from Twitter Bill Karins:
    And here's an amazing shot from @AlexSilverman of a grocery store near Battery Park (which happens to be where I frequently shop)

    Alex Silverman

    Foursquare's Dennis Crowley tweets: "Knee deep on 8th"

    Below are some pictures of unverifiable origin. We can't confirm which ones are real. We've seen corrobrations of them, and denials, so just know that they're being passed around.
    Carlos Whitt tweeted this picture, which is at 14th and Avenue C (not near The Battery).

    Carlos Whitt

    This picture is making the rounds on Twitter, and it's supposedly the Lower East Side. We can't confirm that it's real.


    Here's another shot that is said to be 14th Street and Avenue C:

    Matt Piechota

    From Chase Cain on 1st Avenue:

    Chase Cain

    From Anupreeta Das, 22nd Street and 10th Ave.

    Anupreeta Das

    Seawater is flooding into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel:

    CBS screenshot

    The FDR Drive:

    Kristen Gwynne

    This is supposedly video of a PATH station flooding... We've seen reports that it will take many days to a week to get the subways pumped out.



    Instagram user Nick Summers posts an amazing shot of the West Village in darkness: "And the lights go out in the Village."



    Lower east side of manhattan right now: #thisisnotajoke


    Once the surge levees break, the water level just soars and covers everything in a "reverse Titanic" as the following pictures demonstrate:
    FDR Exit 4 (via Krysten Gwynne):

    Avenue C and 13th Street (via iWitness Weather):

    Lower East Side:

    VA Medical Center on East 23:

    Real time traffic came showing how flooded the intersection at West and Canal is:

    The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is flooding... (via @NewsBreaker)

    The Belt Parkway fully underwater

    @IvankaTrump looking down Park Avenue

    Stunning view of the lower manhattan black out (via @nicksummers)

    and downtown manhattan from the promenade! (via @alananewhouse)

    Feeling lonely? Tribeca power out and a lone cop car (via @wolfejosh)

    LIC is underwater - flooding reaching 5th street (via @jimmyvanbramer)

    Hoboken... (via @TaraFied87)

    14th Street Transformer exploding! (via @georgeweld)

    Battery Park is now flooded (via @anthonyquintano)

    More as we see it.

    Feel free to post your images and updates in the comments section as well.

    This is What it Looks Like in NYC -
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