Hyperinflation meets the Great Depression – Andy Schectman warns Mike Adams about the catastrophic banking collapse now accelerating

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 by: Mike Adams
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(Natural News) Today’s Situation Update broadcast (below) focuses on the accelerating financial collapse that’s now unfolding. The CEO of Miles Franklin, Andy Schectman, joins me for an eye-opening interview in which he says we’re headed into an insane combination of hyperinflation colliding with the Great Depression.
All the black swans, it seems, are strapping on suicide vests.
This will end badly. Based on what we’ve witnessed over the last four days, I’m now convinced we will experience a total collapse of the US banking system and the US dollar. There is no one in charge who has any clue whatsoever about how to handle finance, risk, economics or banking policy. From the bank managers in Silicon Valley to the government regulators and Treasury heads, they are all 100% woke clowns who are obsessed with their cult of wokeism but have zero interest in risk assessments or financial diversification.
Yep, the very same people who demand diversity in skin color and sexual orientation have zero diversity among asset classes for bank deposits. As Steve Watson writes on Summit.news, ““Try Not To Cringe As You Watch This”: Woke Signature Bank Videos Go Viral After Fed Shut Down.”
Watch this incredible video (below) of Signature Bank spending millions of dollars making woked-up music videos about themselves, while remaining utterly oblivious to the numbers and facts surrounding banking and finance. These are truly WOKE IDIOTS on parade, looking exactly like the total clowns they’ve become:

Genevieve Roch-Decter, CFA

Is it surprising that Signature Bank failed? Their executive team spent millions of dollars to produce music videos & TV shows about themselves Try not to cringe as you watch this:

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12:51 PM · Mar 13, 2023

Welcome to the world of Idiocracy.
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Follow All the institutions are now run by WOKE IDIOTS. And they are incompetent, intolerant, cult-obsessed lunatics who will collapse everything. Thank goodness they haven't yet figured out how to buy gold and silver, or there wouldn't be any left for the rest of us!

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Get the full details in today’s interview with Andy Schectman in my Situation Update broadcast below, which also covers all the following:
– The cycle of financial doom explained
– Inflation -> Fed raises rates -> Banks collapse -> Fed prints bailout money -> Inflation
– How this ends in collapse
– Why MORE BANKS will fail this year
– Fed will continue to RAISE rates, crushing banks and the economy (on purpose)
– Interview with Andy Schectman from Miles Franklin
– Says HYPERINFLATION meets the Great Depression
– The end of the global reserve Petrodollar
– Why BRICS+ nations are accelerating dedollarization
– Why gold and silver are the best safe havens for holding assets as banks collapse
– Why you should AVOID buying overpriced “proof” coins


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Hyperinflation meets the Great Depression – Andy Schectman warns Mike Adams about the catastrophic banking collapse now accelerating – NaturalNews.com