If U.S. tries to steal Russian assets for Ukraine, the American economy and western financial system will CRUMBLE

04/25/2024 // Ethan Huff // 610 Views

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In an attempt to punish Russia for trying to make things right in Ukraine, the United States is threatening to expropriate, aka steal, frozen Russian assets and deliver them to Ukraine. Should Washington follow through with this, Russia is warning that the U.S. will in effect pull the plug on not only its own but the entire global economy and financial infrastructure.In the new $95 billion foreign aid and TikTok ban bill just passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, there is wording that states the U.S. can confiscate Russian assets and send them to Ukraine. Should that actually happen, it will be game over for Western dominance over world affairs.
"This would be nothing short of a breakdown of all foundations of the [global] economic system," Peskov told journalists, adding that the White House will set "a dangerous precedent" if it dares to follow through on the threat. "In no way could that be considered a lawful action."
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Lawless America

In addition to legal challenges, the U.S. will also face direct retaliation by Russia if attempts are made to steal Russian assets for redistribution to Kiev, Peskov made very clear to the press pool.
Following through on the threat "will cause serious damage to the economic interests of the U.S.," Peskov explained, because "many nations and many investors would certainly think 10 times before putting their money into the American economy or parking assets there."
European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde agrees, having noted earlier this month that the U.S. plan to steal Russia's assets is a clear "violation of the legal international order."
Currently, the U.S. is holding hostage about $300 billion worth of Russian assets. Western officials say Moscow should be forced to pay Kiev for damages caused by its special military operation, which seeks to unseat the corrupt, Western-led deep state that controls Ukraine.
The European Union (EU), meanwhile, which is currently holding the lion's share of the frozen funds, is expressing concerns that any follow-through on the asset redistribution threat from the U.S. will almost certainly destabilize the euro.
The euro's potential destabilization seems to be part of Peskov's warning to the West to back off and leave Russia's assets alone. The Russians know better than our own moronic politicians that it would be financial suicide for the U.S. to try to steal what rightfully belongs to Russia.
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), one of the only decent members of Congress speaking out against all this, warned earlier this year that the U.S. plan to steal Russian assets would be "an act of economic war."
"The Zion Master will do it – the peoples of America are just servant immigrants," wrote one commenter about the psychopathic Western leaders who are leading Americans off a financial and economic cliff.
"The damage and risk have already been done when the Western dominated and controlled financial system seized and stole the interest off the Russian foreign assets at the beginning of the special military operation," wrote another.
"Confiscate them outright and it's game over."
Someone else added to the conversation that the U.S. government "is run by a cabal of large corporations, corrupt politicians and officials of the administrative departments."
"These ruling elites control the flow of information, and therefore what the masses believe. They don't care how many Ukrainians, Russians or Americans die so long as they get what they want. Their most powerful weapon is the propaganda they use to manipulate the masses. The way to defeat them is to expose the secrets behind their false narratives. That's what they fear most."
The U.S. is run by greedy, soulless morons who are leading the nation off a financial cliff. Find out more at Collapse.news.
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If U.S. tries to steal Russian assets for Ukraine, the American economy and western financial system will CRUMBLE – NaturalNews.com