If Your Doctor Asks You About Guns, Do You Have to Answer?

Stuart Varney expressed amazement at the intrusive questions that doctors can ask patients.

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BY FOX NEWS INSIDER //MAY 20 2013 // 11:59AM

Stuart Varney said this morning on "Varney & Co." that one of his producers was given a questionnaire with some surprisingly intrusive questions on it when he switched doctors. One of the questions was whether he/she was concerned about unsecured weapons in the home. Another asked whether he/she was "in a relationship in which you have been physically hurt or are you afraid of your partner?"

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Judge Andrew Napolitano
explained that the question about guns comes out of a post-Sandy Hook executive order by President Obama, but it will be required under Obamacare. Varney expressed amazement that these questions are being asked, but Napolitano made an important observation.

"Most people will think they have to answer. They don't need to answer under the law," he explained.

Napolitano said it's "exceptionally troublesome" that the questions are being asked, but noted that Congress approved of the gun question when it passed Obamacare. He said the question about a person's relationship at home is "totally a creation" of Health and Human Services under Obama.

"For the government to compel that question, that's the problem. Without authority under the Constitution, or from the Congress, or from federal law or from any source, puts the government in the middle of the patient-physician relationship. That is a sacred relationship. One where there has to be free communication of ideas, not information that's gonna go to the government," said Napolitano, who noted that patients should be informed by the doctor that they are not required by law to answer the questions.

In conclusion, Varney and Napolitano agreed that this is another example of George Orwell's "1984" coming true.

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