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    Impeachment Articles Would Ban Trump From EVER Holding Office Again, Revoke Secret Se

    RELEASED: Impeachment Articles Would Ban Trump From EVER Holding Office Again, Revoke Secret Service

    by daniel
    2 hours ago

    Democrats have RELEASED their articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.
    They plan on beginning the process of impeaching him on Monday.
    Keep in mind…

    Trending: Pence Receives Strange Coin After Certifying The Fraudulent Election

    President Trump has less than 2 weeks until his first term ends on January 20th.
    So why would Democrats attempt to rush through an impeachment?
    First, they want to stop President Trump from EVER holding office again.
    Second, they want to remove his Secret Service protection.
    More details confirming all of the stunning details below:

    Democracy Docket

    Here is the draft Article of Impeachment: INCITEMENT OF INSURRECTION

    10:10 AM · Jan 9, 2021
    1.2K people are Tweeting about this

    Manu Raju

    Latest draft of the articles of impeachment that will be formally introduced on Monday includes one article: “incitement of insurrection.” Reps. Cicilline, Lieu and Raskin are taking the lead

    3:16 PM · Jan 8, 2021
    5.8K people are Tweeting about this

    Rep. Diana DeGette

    BREAKING: We are moving forward with introducing Articles of Impeachment against President Donald J. Trump. He is a real danger to our country. He must be removed from office immediately and barred from ever holding an elected office again.

    7:09 PM · Jan 7, 2021
    24.2K people are Tweeting about this

    Fox News confirms these new articles of impeachment:
    House Democrats were drafting new articles of impeachment against President Trump on Friday following a deadly riot at the Capitol two days earlier in a failed attempt to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s presidential victory.
    Reps. David Cicilline of Rhode Island, Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Ted Lieu of California were taking the lead on an impeachment resolution targeting Trump’s alleged efforts to incite the riot, Fox News has confirmed. The riot was a major security breach that forced lawmakers to evacuate to secure locations.
    Rep. Ilhan Omar, of Minnesota, was also circulating articles of impeachment.
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed impeachment efforts Friday afternoon in an hours-long call with the Democratic caucus, calling the conversation “sad, moving and patriotic.”
    Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York had pushed for Trump’s immediate removal of office through the 25th Amendment, arguing it was too risky to keep Trump in power until Jan. 20, when Democrat Joe Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated.
    But if Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet don’t remove Trump, as the amendment would require, Democrats seemed to have broad support among their caucus for a second round of impeachment. (The president’s forced removal before his term ends was appearing unlikely Friday.)
    So why are Democrats rushing this through?
    Why are they so eager to impeach President Trump as quickly as possible?
    They know that he is STRONG!
    They know that he is still INCREDIBLY popular with the base.
    There is a reason they call him Teflon Don.
    They want to make sure he can NEVER hold office again.
    Look at the very last line of the articles they drafted up:
    President Trump thus warrants impeachment and trial, removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.
    Banned from office. For life.
    But that’s not all.
    There are rumors that this could REVOKE President Trump’s Secret Service protection.
    YES… President’s get Secret Service protection after they leave office.
    BUT… there is much legal debate as to whether that extends to impeached and removed presidents.
    Democrats are rooting for this on social media.
    Take a look:

    Jay Sadowski

    #TrumpBanned#ImpeachTrumpNowCan we all at least agree there's one group of innocent & honorable people that are going to suffer from this decision...his Secret Service detail It's going to be a long 12 days so for their sake lets impeach & remove him or use the 25th Amendment!

    7:27 PM · Jan 8, 2021
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    Rogue Melania
    Jan 7, 2021

    The Donald realize him have put himself on edge of being remove. Him staying quiet so is hopefully blow over. Not only is him fearful of be embarrass but also him advisors unable yet to confirm if 25thd president still entitle to life of Secret Service protection.

    Joe Tosha

    Impeach him and convict, and he also loses his pension. He also loses Secret Service protection when removed via impeachment.

    3:04 PM · Jan 7, 2021
    See Joe Tosha’s other Tweets

    Jamie Tyree
    Jan 8, 2021

    Replying to @DaxGigandetIt also means he gets no pension, no travel expenses, no security detail....and he can’t run again.

    Nikki Smith

    Secret Service has got to be pleading for the impeach/convict so they can get as far from him as possible.

    7:51 PM · Jan 8, 2021
    See Nikki Smith’s other Tweets

    NYT Politics
    Jan 9, 2021

    Democrats laid the groundwork Friday for impeaching President Trump a second time. Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatened to bring him up on formal charges if he did not resign “immediately” over his role in inciting a violent mob attack on the Capitol this week.

    Democrats Ready Impeachment Charge Against Trump for Inciting Capitol Mob

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatened decisive action against the president for his role in the insurrection against Congress if he refused to resign.

    Mickie Parker

    Impeach! Don't let him resign a la Nixon... so he keeps his "retirement" payouts, health care, and Secret Service protection. We should not pay for that.

    9:06 AM · Jan 9, 2021
    See Mickie Parker’s other Tweets

    Jan 8, 2021

    Replying to @Angry_StafferFor those wondering if it’s worth impeaching him this time, it means he: 1) loses his 200k+ pension for the rest of his life2) loses his 1 million dollars/year travel allowance3) loses lifetime full secret service detail4) loses his ability to run in 2024


    That is perfect. As his fans turn on him, he deserves no secret service protection. Impeach him!

    12:55 AM · Jan 9, 2021
    See doggone’s other Tweets

    Here’s what Mother Jones, a liberal online “think tank” (LOL) has to say about impeachment and Secret Service protection for Trump:
    The 1958 Former Presidents Act assures that no president leaves office without being set for life—it guarantees a pension, access to health insurance, office space and staff, and Secret Service protection for as long as he or she wants it. There is, however, one exception: These perks are only granted to presidents who aren’t removed from office in an impeachment trial.
    For Donald Trump, who boasts of being a billionaire (though one who appeared to be headed for financial troubles, even before Wednesday’s insurrection), the pension may not be a big deal. It is lavish, set to be $219,000 this year, but a fraction of what Trump earns from his business. But losing the Secret Service protection might be more painful. No one knows how much is spent on protecting former presidents—the Secret Service budget for that is kept secret—but it’s not a small number.
    And not only would Trump have to pay for his own security, he would lose the ability to charge taxpayers when his protective detail stays at his properties around the globe. While in office, Trump has billed taxpayers more than $1.1. million for Secret Service personnel to stay at his properties, including renting the agency a cottage at his Bedminster golf course for $21,000 per month.
    On Friday, House Democrats said they were moving quickly towards impeachment. They would need support from a substantial number of Senate Republicans in order to convict Trump; if the president were impeached but acquitted in the Senate, he would still have access to all of the post-presidency benefits. No president has ever been denied these benefits, and a government legal opinion in 1974 found that even Richard Nixon, who resigned but was not removed, was eligible.
    After Democrats have whipped their base into a frenzy…
    After Democrats have incited violence against President Trump…
    Now they openly are rooting for his Secret Service protection to be taken away!

    These are sick people!

    NBC News

    Some legal experts on the congressional power of impeachment believe President Trump could be impeached and tried in the Senate even after he leaves office at noon on Jan. 20.

    Can Trump be tried in the Senate on impeachment charges even after he leaves office? Some experts...

    The House could vote as early as next week on charges against the president.

    9:01 AM · Jan 9, 2021
    337 people are Tweeting about this

    RELEASED: Impeachment Articles Would Ban Trump From EVER Holding Office Again, Revoke Secret Service (
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Hey Pelosi...give us the EXACT statements where Trump told people to run to the Capitol building, breach the building, break the windows and create mayhem.

    He did no such thing.

    There are crazy people all over the world, including BLM, and Antifa right on our own soil. Go after Senator Kamala Harris who started a fund to bail out those rioters! Harris should be prosecuted for this.

    We have the right to protest in this country. We have the right to free speech. We have the right to say "Stop the Steal". We have the right to assemble.

    If anybody needs to be impeached it is Pelosi for HER dereliction of duty. It began the moment she ripped up a President's State of Union Address on National TV.

    Her blatant hate spiraled out of control from there with her obstruction, nasty comments about the President, and FOUR years of spewing her lies out of her rotten mouth 365, 24/7, day and night in our face, and her seditious fake impeachment claims and investigations against a sitting president.

    Pelosi also incited the fake news media to attack our president as well.

    Pelosi set the stage, she is the instigator in this living hell we have put up with for over four years and she is complicit in this civil unrest across the Nation for what she has done.


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