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    Inside Hezbollah | Party of God

    Click download to view files or wait 2min for files to buffer.

    Part 1 - Intro
    Cnn report that looks at Hezbollah and what they are all about
    A slightly biased look, but still interesting.

    Part 2 -Terror Tactics
    Tactics used by Hezbollah both in war and in through terrorism.
    Comments how Hezbollah is the Middle Eastern nation to defeat Israel in War.

    Part 3 - The Leader
    The Leader of Hezbollah, an inside scoop into what the man is all about and how he rose to power.

    Part 4 - The Followers
    Most shocking part is a little girl that adores Hezbollah and outlines
    that she enjoys it when she see's Israeli's dead.

    part 5 - Fear and Loathing
    An Israeli perspective of the conflict between their neighbours Hezbollah

    part 6 - The Hunt
    About the Terrorism that Hezbollah has been involved in.

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    Welcome, Jon,

    Just moved, so can't play videos yet, but I'll save this post.

    Terrorists are just one reason why we want and deserve, secure borders!
    TIME'S UP!
    Why should <u>only</u> AMERICAN CITIZENS and LEGAL immigrants, have to obey the law?!

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