Intentional? CDC Underreported The Unvaxxed By OVER 10 Million

By Jacob Palmieri - December 18, 2021

A bombshell Bloomberg report shows how the Center for Disease Control and Prevention massively overcounted the number of single-dose Covid jab recipients, causing both the unvaccinated and fully-vaccinated to be undercounted. It wasn’t a minor statistical error. They flubbed the numbers by tens of millions.
According to the report:

CDC data show 240 million people with at least one shot, or about 72.5% of the population. But the agency says only 203 million are fully vaccinated, or 61.3%, an 11-percentage-point difference that is far larger than in other developed countries.
State and local officials say it’s improbable that 37 million Americans got one shot without completing their inoculations. Instead, they say, the government has regularly and incorrectly counted booster shots and second doses as first doses.
State officials who started noticing the discrepancies have been scratching their collective heads trying to figure out how the CDC could have made such a gargantuan error. It’s not something that could be done by simply mislabeling certain portions of data or being careless once or twice. For the numbers to be off by tens of millions would require a massive, widespread breakdown of the basic counting system. Their absolute failure at simple tallying of data makes zero sense… unless you consider the possibility that this was done on purpose.
It behooves the Biden-Harris regime in general and the CDC in particular to mislead Americans into thinking there are fewer unvaccinated than there really are. Doing this gives them the bandwagon effect, at least in theory. The fewer unvaxxed people there are left in America, the more likely it is some of the holdouts will relent to the pressure.
We can safely bet that the CDC intentionally messed with the numbers based on reactions from the state agencies. They could see at a glance that the numbers were faked and often didn’t rely on the CDC reports when making decisions. The Bloomberg article continues:
The official U.S. gap between people with just one dose and those who are fully vaccinated — about 11 percentage points — far outpaces other nations. The next highest gap among Group of Seven nations is the U.K., at 6.7 percentage points, according to the Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker. […]

In the European Union, it’s just 2.6 percentage points.
Axios reported:
James Garrow, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, which has worked with the state to blend data sets for a more accurate view of vaccination trends, said “we don’t have any faith in the numbers on the CDC website, and we never refer to them.”
Both articles attempted to dismiss the faked numbers as errors based on a disjointed system, but other nations with similar challenges are able to put out the right numbers. The articles also tried to show anecdotal examples that could skew the numbers such as someone getting their first jab in one county and then their second jab in another. This is a disingenuous attempt to coverup for what they perceive as incompetence because we’re not talking about slight glitches in the data. We’re talking about tens of millions of errors.

The reason they’re having a hard time covering for the CDC is because neither Bloomberg nor Axios could fathom that this was intentional. But as we’ve learned throughout the pandemic, our government is willing to use what they call “noble lies” to coerce the people into doing what they want. In this case, they’re trying to make the unvaxxed feel more and more like outcasts.

Intentional? CDC Underreported The Unvaxxed By OVER 10 Million (