by AWR HAWKINS 26 Dec 2013, 12:28 PM PDT 160 POST A COMMENT

More than seven months after a young mother fought off and killed a home intruder in Washington state, the King County Sheriff's Office released documents indicating the dead attacker "may have intended to commit an abduction and sexual assault."

Moreover, it appears he was planning to videotape the whole thing.
According to The Seattle Times, when 48-year old Ken Boonstra broke into a 26-year old woman's North Bend home on May 13, he "had a camera and a flexible tripod in one pocket." He also had "a roll of duck tape and a flashlight."
The attacker originally entered the house on May 12 when the husband was not home. He grabbed the 26-year old woman and took all the cash she had. He then "struck the woman in the face with enough force to send his ball cap flying" and fled the house.
Just over 12 hours later--at 1:40 a.m.--the dogs began barking as the husband and young wife lay in bed. The husband got up to investigate and was attacked by Boonstra in the hall. The wife then went to the kitchen, retrieved a steak knife, and stabbed Boonstra until he quit attacking her husband.
When sheriff's deputies arrived, they found a bloody steak knife and Boonstra's body.
They later found a place behind the house where someone "had been loitering, as if they were doing surveillance on the residence."

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