ISIS Releases Global Takeover Map

Another prop in the ongoing effort to expand the war on terror

by Kurt Nimmo | | June 27, 2014

ISIS “expansion” plan map posted on Twitter.

ISIS, the Saudi and CIA supported and U.S. military trained terror army, has supposedly posted its five year “expansion” plan on Twitter.

The map shows the al-Qaeda offshoot occupying the entire Middle East, including Israel, the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia and, most absurd of all, India. It apparently plans to do this with less than 40 thousand jihadists.
ISIS will probably never get out of Iraq and Syria, but that is beside the point. The idea is to keep the group in the headlines and amp up propaganda designed to feed the war on terror beast. This is done primarily through social media and sensationalistic stories floated by the establishment media. The group has even deployed an Arabic-language Twitter app called The Dawn of Glad Tidings, known as Dawn for short, in the effort to make it seem technologically savvy.
“A rapid stream of ISIS victories, massive amounts of media coverage and millions of breathless tweets have had a powerful combined effect on the group’s image,” writes John Little. “Like LulzSec at it’s height they appear to be unstoppable. And while they are a massively destabilizing force in the region, the general public (and many journalists) should start taking a much more critical view of their propaganda. This five year projection would be a good place to start.”
Side note: LulzSec is an FBI operation designed to take down whistleblowers and dent the rep of Wikileaks.

As for the five year projection: it is beyond absurd. No doubt ISIS will be able to gobble up large areas of Iraq. Iraq was engineered to be a failed state with an ineffective and corrupt military controlled by the United States. The Iraq military is not meant to be a serious military force. It is a facade designed to be a client for the military industrial complex and a black hole exploited by contractors and preferred clients of the Pentagon and the State Department.
Much of North Africa consists of failed states further weakened by the engineered Arab Spring. Libya is now a haven for radical Islamists, including al-Qaeda. Boko Haram operates in Nigeria and the Saharan region is threatened by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Meanwhile, in the Horn of Africa, al-Shabaab, brutal Somalia terror group, dominates.
All of this terrorist activity in Africa has provided a boon to the Pentagon and its Africom mission. In March, 2013 Major General Carter F. Ham told a House Armed Services Committee these groups pose a threat to U.S. national security interests. “However, the real threat to ‘US national security interests’ in Africa is not AQIM, Boko Haram or al-Shabaab, it is China’s demand for natural resources for their growing economy,” writes Timothy Alexander Guzman.
ISIS “ambition,” as the establishment media characterizes the ludicrous five year plan, is derailed when we take a look at South Asia. Hindus and Muslims have fought bloody wars for decades and continue to butcher each other on a regular basis. India has well over a billion Hindus. How exactly less than 40 thousand Muslims plan to conquer this area is not explained.
Another significant obstacle is Iran. More than 93 percent, around 66 million people, are Shia Muslims in Iran. The ISIS Sunni Wahhabists may behead a few Shia Muslims when they can and marginally threaten the Shia population in southern Iraq, but Iran will certainly intervene militarily if ISIS manages to move beyond Baghdad and invade Shia territory. For Shia Muslims, shrines in Najaf and Karbala in southern Iraq are the most revered sites after Mecca and Medina.
Comically, ISIS claims it will jump the Timor Sea from Indonesia – where there are over 200 million Muslims, primarily Sunni – into Australia, a country where the dominant religion is Christianity.
The ISIS map is fantastic propaganda created by the CIA, the U.S. military and NATO. It does not represent reality. It is merely another prop in the ongoing effort to expand the war on terror.