Israel using AI to commit mass genocide in Gaza with little, if any, human oversight

04/15/2024 // Ethan Huff // 0 Views

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The current commander of the Israeli military's elite "Unit 8200" wrote a book released in 2021 that talks about synergizing humans and artificial intelligence (AI). It turns out that this synergy is already a reality as Israel Defense Forces (IDF) rely on AI to bomb Gaza to smithereens.The way Israel has been able to bomb key Gaza targets at warp speed has everything to do with the AI robots that are selecting the targets with little or no oversight by actual human beings.
Utilizing what Kyle Anzalone, the opinion editor at, described to Judge Napolitano in a recent interview as "the worst kind of social credit score," Israel gives every Palestinian in Gaza a score between one and 100 with the lower scores becoming AI targets for elimination.
"This is a high-tech genocide, basically, what is going on," Anzalone said to Napolitano – watch the interview below. "They're cleansing their genocide. They're washing their genocide in AI tech."

Kyle Anzalone: House Republicans Cave On Ukraine. (

(Related: Yuval Noah Harari, a Jewish World Economic Forum [WEF] member and personal adviser to Klaus Schwab, says that one day he and the other globalists will control the world with their planned AI takeover – "non-organic entities" and "emotionless algorithms" will enslave the masses.)
Heartless Israel's mass genocide

Israel has modified its social credit kill score scale several times to add increasingly more Gaza targets to the list. Israel also indiscriminately kills the targets' families as well in an intentional murder operation.
"The Israeli military said that if the AI program Lavender recommends a name, they put it on the kill list within 20 seconds," Anzalone explained. "The only thing they check is that the intended person is male. They didn't even say they check the age, so it could be that some of these intended targets are very, very young which is absolutely horrifying."
"Maybe the worst part of all this is that the Israelis actually waited until the names on the kill list return to their houses and kill not just the person on the list but their entire family intentionally. The program is called 'Where's Daddy?' which is a reference to when kids are excited for their dad to come home after a day at work, they start asking 'mommy, where's daddy?' where when the Israelis answer 'where's daddy?' it means coming home with a very large bomb."
Are you sick yet? Even sicker is the fact that many so-called Christians fully condone such heartless, soulless behavior by Israel and its military against the people of Gaza whom it hates.
Many so-called Christians allege that we should all support this genocide because if we refuse to support it then God will "curse" us all, citing a mistranslation of Genesis 12:2 as evidence to back their heinous position.
"The genocide is unreal and beyond sick," wrote a commenter on YouTube about what Anzalone and 972 Mag revealed about Israel's AI-driven concentration kill camp operations in Gaza.
"In truth, America is already lost, and all we are experiencing at this point is the train wreck," wrote another about the dismally evil and failing "best friend" of Israel.
"No country can survive these levels of insanity, ignorance, arrogance and greed. I think it is what happens to a people when they make money their god."
"Money, lust and depravity – all present as Rome collapsed," responded another about Israel and its "closest ally."
"This is outright evil," another wrote about Israel and what it is doing to Gaza. "There are no words for the IDF's actions. Depressing and sickening."
Israel's genocide in Gaza is waking up the world to the evils of Zionism. Find out more at
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Israel using AI to commit mass genocide in Gaza with little, if any, human oversight –