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    By Jon Christian Ryter
    January 29, 2008

    Every presidential candidate on both sides of the aisle has chosen to incorporate the same word into their campaign. That word is "Change!" They would like the American people to think that if they are elected they would implement change in Washington. Politicians have been promising "change" since 1913. And, they generally kept their word. The United States used to be a Republic. The politicians changed that. CHANGE! The US money supply used to be backed by gold. The politicians changed that, too. CHANGE! The Constitution structured a check and balance system in which power was to be shared equally by the federal government, the State governments and the people collectively. Because the States refused to create a permanent central bank in the United States, the politicians changed that, too. CHANGE! They proposed and then, illegally, ratified the 17th Amendment, removing the States from the equation of governance with the federal government assuming their superior power.

    Between the end of World War I and World War II, the United States became the most powerful economic and military nation in the world. And, of course, the politicians changed that, too. CHANGE! Or rather, two politicians with a complicit Congress—bribed into submission by greedy globalist multinational corporations—changed it by constructing a hinged door on the border called NAFTA that would allow US jobs—and entire manufacturing facilities—to be exported to Mexico, and through Mexico, to the slave labor factories in Asia and Indonesia. The hinged door allowed those goods—wearing US brands—to return to this country, tariff-free, for sale to an equally greedy American consumer who is willing to sacrifice his own economic welfare for a bargain.

    The Clintons—Bill and Hillary—who insist they represent "Change" on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue have reactivated the phrase leftist political strategist James Carville coined in 1992—"It's the economy, stupid!" Just as Hillary made a serious political blunder to make a remark to Sen. Barack Obama in the South Carolina accusing him of being a slumlord lackey for Illinois real estate magnate Antonin "Tony" Rezko only to have a color photo of Bill and Hillary posing with Rezko come back to bite her, so should her resurrecting Carville's campaign slogan. Once again, Hillary is shouting, "It's the economy, stupid." Of course it is, Hillary. But the 18 million US taxpayers who lost their jobs through NAFTA's swinging doors don't need to be reminded of that. They know it. They also know their jobs were given away by the Clinton co-presidency—the same co-presidency Bill Clinton has promised America if Hillary is elected. Those jobs—your job and mine—were given to the transnational industrialists in exchange for campaign contributions. Frankly, one more day of the co-presidency that trashed the White House before leaving it on Jan. 20, 2001 would be 24-hours too much. Yes, it's the economy, stupid. But more than anything else, It's the Clintons, stupid.

    The globalists are now completing the structure of an organization known as the Transatlantic Economic Council. The agreement of intent was signed in a White House ceremony in April, 2007 by President George W. Bush, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso of Portugal. Charged with the responsibility of finalizing the surrender of America's economic sovereignty to the European Union will be a task assigned to the next president if that president is either Hillary Rodham Clinton or John McCain—the current designated winner and loser of the Election of 2008. (Hillary is the designated winner. McCain is the designated loser. And, yes, both understand their role.) If the Republicans want to win the election, they need to nominate someone else—Mitt Romney or Ron Paul—someone who is not owned by the globalists who see world government within their grasp. If the Democrats want to win they need to draft Zell Miller.

    I guess that's why Hillary Clinton and John McCain's two largest campaign donors are DLA Piper a global high-tech company and Greenberg-Traurig, a company that specializes in writing international regulations. If Barack Obama continues his South Carolina trend, DLA Piper and Greenberg-Traurig will be writing checks with his name on them.

    Yes, it's the economy. But, more than that, it was the Clintons who set the tumbling dominos into motion in 1993. Bill Clinton is feverishly working to become president of the world and Hillary...well, Hillary is feverishly working on her status as boss of everything and everyone else. While Bill Clinton's talking heads are once again chanting Carville's slogan, Hillary is more convinced than ever that the American people have short memories. She knows that after two to four years people forget. And people who lost their livelihood seem to have forgotten who opened the jobs drain spigot that cost them their jobs and affluent lifestyles. Hillary is right. They blamed Bush-43. America has long-forgotten that the career jobs they lost were the result of NAFTA. They equate the jobs drain to the Bush-43 Administration because the headlines are bemoaning the death of the American economy due to the subprime mortgage collapse. Construction jobs were the cork the Department of Commerce used to plug the dike. And, for 9-years it worked. The Bush-43 Administration covered the job losses and kept the economy afloat. But, when the seas gets rough, sometimes even the lifeboats sink.

    As you examine the candidates for the White house just remember one thing: it's not just the economy, it's the Clinton's, stupid. What we will lose with the Clintons—or John McCain—the next time around will be our nation's economic sovereignty. The economic power that won both World War I and World War II now belongs to China.

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    good post; forwarded to friends and family
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