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    It's worse than we thought . . .

    This post was from :

    I have a quick question? What I am about to state is not for nobody's amusement not to mock the system, however it is my case:

    I worked and lived in USA for over 15 years, I even work for the Government (State Government) I work for a law enforcement agency as well (part time counselor) then I became a Manager for a huge company. I purchased a house, achieve the American dream etc.

    Among the life I lived I also applied for jobs with a US City and got a job offer to become an executive of the city, I was going to be the one whom hired and fired police officers in such place, believe or not I turned down the offer, However I had no permission to work in USA. Oh I obtained an MBA as well form a fine university.

    Anyway I got turn in by a government employee whom knew my case and became a detective (years later) I was arrested, then sent off to jail pending deportation. I can honestly say that the treatment we got in jail is the same for criminals; however I was told by the Sheriff that I was facing administrative procedures, neither civil nor criminal procedures, However I may add to me a crime is a violation of the law, I violated the law therefore I WAS a criminal, not proud of it, but the more we go around the bushes the more we victimize the wrong people. If someone decides to go over to the US without the proper paperwork there is a lot of preparation into it, I will say that is pre-meditation and then the act itself of traveling (or staying ) will fulfilled the requirements of a crime.

    By the way I was deported lost everything and start from zero, I paid the price of my actions not I am not a criminal no more.
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    I have a quick question too.
    What is wrong with this picture when an IA is able to get an education from a "fine university" and then go on to work for the friggin' state government and a law enforcement agency? And what fine university allowed someone a degree with the grammar this guy has?
    Illegal immigration and the war in Iraq have 2 things in common:
    1. Nationalize expenses 2. Privatize profits
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    Here's another quick question:

    How can a "fine university" graduate someone with an MBA who can't write English? Did this person do a thesis?

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    This may have been an impulse post on his part that he did not take the time to proofread. He seems to have some understanding of the illegality of the action he made in coming here illegally. He did gain something he still has he has retained some English proficiency and he has an MBA. I think that he would agree now in retrospect that he should have created himself an economic base in his old home country so that he could return. I hope he will warn other prospective illegal aliens.
    I support enforcement and see its lack as bad for the 3rd World as well. Remittances are now mostly spent on consumption not production assets. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    By the way I was deported lost everything and start from zero, I paid the price of my actions not I am not a criminal no more.
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