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    Japanese Investors Duped Into Buying Fake U.S. $1M Bills

    Japanese Investors Duped Into Buying Fake U.S. $1M Bills

    POSTED: 12:49 pm PST February 17, 2006

    TOKYO -- A group of Japanese investors received some bad news recently when they learned that there's no such thing as a $1 million greenback.

    According to a Japanese newspaper, eight people are out more than $1.25 million. They were duped into buying supposedly rare U.S. $1 million bills from the 1920s -- but the million-dollar notes are fakes.

    The largest denomination bill ever produced by the U.S. Treasury was a $100,000 note in the mid-1930s.

    According to Japanese news reports, three of the bilked investors have had to file for bankruptcy. The man who promised them huge returns has disappeared with their real money.
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    For some reason, I find this story hard to believe.

    Perhaps they're running a scam to declare bankruptcy while hiding their assets.
    It's like hell vomited and the Bush administration appeared.

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    Well, if they are that dumb, they deserve the award.

    And I still love that hairdo, Count.
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