Jeffrey Prather: DEEP STATE purposely instigated conflict between Israel and Hamas

11/14/2023 // Kevin Hughes // 2.1K Views

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The Deep State purposely instigated the conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to former intelligence officer Jeffrey Prather.
He shared this theory during the Nov. 8 episode of "The Alex Jones Show" on the InfoWars network, with the Health Ranger Mike Adams as guest host. Prather is also the host of "The Prather Point," which airs Fridays and Saturdays on the Brighteon.TV network under Adams.
According to Prather, Israel's intelligence failure was intentional and the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas – which Israel branded as its version of 9/11 – was a setup. "That's the first point that is not being made clear, and it's certainly being covered up by the fake news media that wants to instigate both sides," he said. "They want Jews and Muslims to fight each other; after they destroy each other, then they are coming for Christians as well." (Related: AMP censors Jeffrey Prather for probing Israeli intelligence blunders.)
"This was allowed to happen by the same bad actors – Shin Bet, Mossad, FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation], CIA [Central Intelligence Agency and the] Saudis. This was instigated purposely first. That's the first point, and people have not really realized that.
The second point, according to the former intelligence officer, focuses on the destruction of America's remaining warrior force. He also noted that this is timed alongside the trials of former President Donald Trump. The Deep State doesn't want people to notice this, as it wants Americans to pay attention to the Middle East.

Prather: Deep State responsible for "calculated chaos" and "engineered evil"

Adams meanwhile said that there is huge pressure on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from his country's Muslim population to engage Israel in a kinetic war. Prather responded that this pressure not only comes from the population, but also from the Turkish military and the intelligence community. The Health Ranger also noted that other countries such as Iran, Jordan, Syria and Yemen are under pressure from their Muslim populations to respond to Israel.
The "Prather Point" host noted, however, that Iran is less worrisome than Turkey. Ankara is much more likely to take some action, he continued, as Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Nevertheless, Prather stressed that proxy countries for terrorism such as Iran and Yemen are still something to be concerned about.
"This is about destabilizing the West completely, and that's exactly what's happening. By doing this – because I think there was a failed race war in America – they were trying to emulate and mimic the South African race war where Blacks were going after White farmers," he said. "I think that failed in America, so they are now tying the race war into a religious war."
According to the Health Ranger, Israel's bombing of Gaza and other events in the Middle East can make it easier for extremist leaders in the U.S. to recruit rage-driven, susceptible people. He added that more war, more bombs and more conflict feeds into the control systems of the globalists. America has been engaged in endless wars, to the point that it has distracted people from the real war the globalists are waging against the people.
"This is all calculated chaos. This is not crazy. This is manufactured malice. This is an engineered evil. And it's very been it's being done very systematically," Prather said.
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Watch the full conversation between Jeffrey Prather and Mike Adams below.

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