Disclaimer: I am not on the ITPAA staff, and I gain nothing whatsoever for mentioning their websites. They don't even know that I'm doing this (until I inform them). I do this because I agree with the pro-American principles for which the ITPAA was founded.

ITPAA Job Connection Web Forum is just getting started
as a job-destruction countermeasure favoring the employment of Americans over foreign nationals.

The IT Professionals Association of America (ITPAA) is a non-profit organization which favors and encourage the employment of IT resources within the United States and its territories. The ITPAA addresses the unemployment issues of outsourcing to foreign companies and to H-1B visa holders. The ITPAA is particularly well known for the American Patriot's Eagle Awards and the American Idiots' Weasel Awards.

Hats off to Scott Kirwin, and the ITPAA staff for all their hard work.

The new ITPAA job forum is at

The ITPAA is

The American Patriots' Eagle Awards

The American Idiot's Weasel Awards