Why is Israel in U.S. cross hairs?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah prays for continued impasse in '2-state solution' negotiations

Published: 1 day ago
by Joseph Farah

Editor’s note: The following column is adapted from an address Joseph Farah gave at a press conference sponsored by Proclaiming Justice to the Nations at the National Religious Broadcasters Conference earlier this week.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Here’s what John Kerry said last week in anticipation of his first trip to the Middle East as secretary of state: “There is no more urgent foreign policy priority in 2013 than restarting negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. The region and the world can’t afford the current dangerous impasse in the peace process; for if we don’t make progress very soon, then the two-state solution could become impossible to achieve.”

I hope I am not alone in praying for and advocating for the impasse to continue and for the complete failure of any peace process that ends in dividing the land of Israel – again.

What do I mean by “again”?

The land of modern Israel has been divided repeatedly since the world powers first determined to help re-create the Jewish state. Even today, before any more land concessions are demanded of Israel, the land mass represents only a tiny fraction of what was intended and what truly represents historical Israel and Judah.

Yet there is no other nation in the Middle East or anywhere else that is freer for all its citizens, offers more justice to all, is more desirous of peace with its neighbors and has contributed more to the world in terms of inventions, medicines, technology and food. Neither is there a country anywhere in the world that has shown more mercy to its enemies.

So why is dividing Israel the top priority of the U.S., the E.U., the U.N. and other international powers?

There’s a bloody civil war raging in Syria. Just yesterday, more Syrian missiles landed in Israel’s Golan Heights.

The Muslim Brotherhood government is terrorizing and murdering Christians in Egypt.

Libyans murdered a U.S. ambassador and burned down our mission.

Hezbollah and Hamas launch more and more sophisticated missiles into Israel.

Iran is preparing nuclear weapons for, in the words of its own leaders, “the little Satan” (Israel) and “the Great Satan” (the U.S.).

Jordan could be the next domino to fall to the Muslim Brotherhood if Syria falls.

None of these problems resulting in tens of thousands of deaths already have anything to do with Israel having too much land.

Then there is North Korea, threatening South Korea again along with 30,000 American soldiers still stationed there as well as threatening the U.S. with ICBMs. It is also aiding Iran’s nuclear program and starving its own citizens who live in one massive gulag.

Both Russia and China are aiding Iran, too.

Europe’s economy is teetering on the brink of collapse.

In other words, the entire world is a flashpoint with the ultimate targets being the U.S. and Israel.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama, Chuck Hagel, John Kerry and the entire U.S. administration are preoccupied with making Israel more vulnerable and less defensible from its many enemies in the region and around the world.

What is this all about?

It’s about an asymmetrical war plan to destroy Israel by its radical Muslim neighbors who have not been able to accomplish this task through a generation of conventional wars.

Why would the U.S. be facilitating this goal as its No. 1 foreign policy objective?

It’s very hard to understand – especially given the fact that there are no negotiating partners even willing to concede Israel has an absolute right to exist.

It is also hard to understand this U.S. policy given that of Israel’s enemies believe the second state in this two-state scenario must be ethnically cleansed of all Jews and that the two-state solution is merely a stage-setting for what they candidly call the “final solution” – the total eradication of the Jewish state.

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