Jussie Smollett-style HOAX: Jewish students at Cooper Union LIED about “threats” from pro-Palestinian rally – “there was no danger to any students,” NYPD chief confirms

10/29/2023 // Ethan Huff // 3.1K Views

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Pro-Israel activists lied this week about being "barricaded" inside the Cooper Union, an elite private school in New York City, by pro-Palestine protesters who gathered on campus to express opposition to Israel's planned genocide of Gaza.
The myth, as spread by Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk (and many other Israel-first conservatives), claims that Jewish students at the school became "trapped" inside the school's library by Arab students and their supporters.
"Hamas sympathizers," as Kirk deceptively referred to the pro-Palestine side, "moved their 'protest' indoors once they found out Jews were sheltering inside. Imagine if the roles were reversed."
Oh, Kirk. The irony of your words is that the roles are reversed in the Middle East. It is the people of Gaza who have been moved into an open-air concentration camp by Zionist Jews and "Zionist sympathizers" like you and the rest of the Israel-first right wing.
It turns out that Kirk lied and purposely used inflammatory, untrue words to describe both the people who were protesting and what they did. The left-wing had its Jussie Smollett hoax moment, and now the right wing is having its Jewish-Palestinian hoax moment with this lying mischaracterization of what took place at Cooper Union this week. (Related: If you missed the whole Jussie Smollett hoax saga, you can read more about it in our earlier coverage.)
Charlie Kirk compares HOAX Jewish student incident at Cooper Union to Anne Frank and the Holocaust in bizarre X tirade

In another laughingly ridiculous tweet, Kirk went into a tirade about "eyewitness reports" – but no actual evidence, of course, because it does not exist – claiming that Jewish students at Cooper Union were forced to "HIDE IN THE ATTIC as Hamas sympathizers banged on the bolted doors attempting to get in."

"Read that again," Kirk then wrote, trying to conjure up as much emotion in his followers as possible. "America has gone full ANNE FRANK ... Expel and arrest these Jew haters."
In other words, if you do not support Israel and whatever the government of that nation-state decides to do, no matter how evil it is, then you are a "Jew hater," who should be punished through arrest and expulsion, especially if you are a student at Cooper Union, according to Kirk.
One wonders if Kirk also feels the same way about arresting and expelling ordinary Americans for voicing support for the innocent civilians in Gaza?
Whatever the case, the "incident" at Cooper Union, as reported by Kirk and others, did not happen. Following an investigation, the New York Police Department confirmed that "there was no danger to any students" at the pro-Palestine protest, nor was anyone "barricaded" in a library or treated like Anne Frank, "despite the frenzy certain pundits tried to whip up on social media, acting like they'd have to go in and rescue the next Anne Frank," to quote "roving journalist" Michael Tracey.
"Police were there from start to finish," Chief John Chell stated during a press release. "There was no direct threat, there was no damage, and there was no danger to any students in that school. The students were not barricaded ... A school administrator thought it was prudent to close the doors."
Womp, womp. So much for trying to whip up another Jewish sob story, Kirk et al. What you guys are now doing is embarrassingly obvious and telling about where your loyalties lie, and certainly do not include the truth.
The latest news about how the Israel-first right wing is exposing itself for the world to see following the October 7 Hamas false flag attack can be found at Prophecy.news.
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Jussie Smollett-style HOAX: Jewish students at Cooper Union LIED about “threats” from pro-Palestinian rally – “there was no danger to any students,” NYPD chief confirms – NaturalNews.com