Krauthammer: Repeal Insurance Industry Bailout Provisions and You Repeal Obamacare

by Noah Rothman | 10:09 am,
January 3rd, 2014

Syndicated conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer advised Republicans in Congress to pursue one agenda item when they return from the holiday break: revoke the provisions within the Affordable Care Act that provide for a bailout of the insurance industry. He wrote in his Friday column that a repeal of that provision is effectively a repeal of the entire health care reform law.

Krauthammer counseled Republicans in the House to craft and pass a law that consists entirely of one line: “Sections 1341 and 1342 of the Affordable Care Act are hereby repealed.”

“End of bill. End of bailout. End of story,” Krauthammer wrote. He added that a bailout appears increasingly likely given the number of last-minute changes to the law which were designed to ensure the strongest mix of healthy and infirmed ACA enrollees.

“Administration officials can’t say it for political reasons,” he adds. “It’s Obamacare’s escape hatch. And — surprise, surprise — it’s already baked into the law.”

Krauthammer asserted that a federal bailout would be wildly unpopular and the bill he recommends would have bipartisan support among American voters. He further recommended that Republicans attach this repeal provision to a debt ceiling increase.

“Who can argue with no bailout?” he concludes. “Let the Senate Democrats decide — support the bailout and lose the Senate. Or oppose the bailout and bury Obamacare.”