Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama

Labor Day 2010: Welcome to the Sound of Democrats on the Run

By Judi McLeod
Sunday, September 5, 2010

It’s the Sunday before Labor Day, and that sound you hear wherever you are is the sound of the pavement pounding-feet of the Democrats running from their leader in utter panic!

What sweet news on the eve of Labor Day 2010 with unemployment at a shameful 9.6 percent high: Patriots now have the Dems on the run.

The Summer of Recovery that never happened ends on a Labor Day with voters chafing at the bit as the clock moves ahead to November 2 mid-terms.

The Countdown Clock on Canada Free Press’ front page shows there are 867 days left and ticking until Obama leaves office.

In the 807 days left after Nov. 2, looks like “The Messiah