Large-scale geoengineering projects to alter Earth’s climate, once dubbed a “conspiracy theory,” are now expanding globally right out in the open

02/26/2024 // Ethan Huff // 890 Views

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What was once just a "conspiracy theory" or "internet myth" confined to the fringes of society is now becoming official policy to keep the planet from "warming" or "boiling."
We are talking about chemtrails and other forms of geoengineering, which those who propagate such things used to deny before eventually admitting that, yes, there are attempts being made to alter the function of the natural order to stop "climate change."
Concepts like "dumping chemicals in the ocean" and "injecting reflective particles in the sky" are making headlines in prominent media outlets that once denied the existence of such things. Because of the alleged "climate crisis," deranged scientists are coming up with bizarre ideas like blocking out the sun with poison, which they claim will protect Earth from melting.
(Related: Last summer, Mexico banned chemtrails and geoengineering after an American startup firm tried to block out the sun with chemicals in Baja California Sur.)
Cloud brightening, atmospheric chemicals, dyed oceans

Just the other day, the Wall Street Journal reported on some of these newfangled projects, claiming that they stand to "reduce greenhouse gas emissions" at a much faster rate than existing technologies.
In order to stop "scary" things like heat waves, thunderstorms and floods, the climate industry is rushing to change the way clouds work and alter the pH levels of the ocean, among other large-scale planetary endeavors.
They still want everyone to stop eating meat and drive electric vehicles (EVs), of course, but those interventions are simply not enough to reach the "carbon-free economy" that they want to see take full shape by the year 2030.
One of the newest projects going on right now involves blasting a brine mixture into the sky to create larger, brighter clouds to reflect sunlight back into space. This project is taking place at Southern Cross University in Australia with funding from the government, other universities and various conservation organizations.
Across the world in Israel, a startup called Stardust Solutions is spending $15 million in private funding to blast reflective particles into the sky at high altitudes to try to reduce solar radiation. In the "next few months," tests using the proprietary chemical blend will move from an indoor testing facility to the actual outdoors.
In the United States at Martha's Vineyard, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is planning to dump thousands of gallons of sodium hydroxide dyed with chemical colorings into the ocean to create a so-called "carbon sink" to draw carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and into the water.
Then there was the infamous "Make Sunsets" geoengineering effort in California that eventually made its way down to Mexico, prompting widespread criticism and outrage because of the sulfur and other harmful chemicals that were released into the atmosphere.
The climate cult is finally starting to admit that its efforts to reduce carbon are not working, so this is why they are shifting to more extreme measures like trying to block out the sun and recreate atmospheric gas concentrations and ratios to "fix" whatever they think is wrong with the climate.
Over at the United Nations (UN), there is also growing talk that the age of "global warming" has actually ended, and now the world is shifting into a period of "global cooling."
"All of this is a clear sign that the 'climate crisis,' or rather the 'climate crisis' narrative, is entering a dangerous new phase," warns the National Pulse.
"Rational thinking increasingly leads to alarmism and, ultimately, hysteria about impending doom. Under such conditions, the most unreasonable and ill-considered responses will seem reasonable and appropriate."
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Large-scale geoengineering projects to alter Earth’s climate, once dubbed a “conspiracy theory,” are now expanding globally right out in the open –