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Thread: Latest Conyers Accuser: Congressman Brought Up Chandra Levy When I Rejected Sexual Ad

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    Latest Conyers Accuser: Congressman Brought Up Chandra Levy When I Rejected Sexual Ad

    Latest Conyers Accuser: Congressman Brought Up Chandra Levy When I Rejected Sexual Advances

    PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

    6 Dec 2017

    A former female intern for Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) said that the Michigan Democrat brought up murdered Federal Bureau of Prisons intern Chandra Levy when she rejected his sexual advances.

    Courtney Morse, 36, the latest woman to come forward accusing Conyers of sexual misconduct, informed the Washington Post that the congressman told her one night he was interested in having a sexual relationship with her and held her hand in her lap on the way home.

    Morse said that when she turned down Conyers’ advances, he referenced Levy’s case.

    “He said he had insider information on the case. I don’t know if he meant it to be threatening, but I took it that way,” Morse said. “I got out of the car and ran.”

    Levy disappeared in 2001, and police found her remains in a Washington, DC, park in 2002. A police investigation at the time found that Levy had been having an affair with then-Rep. Gary Condit (D-CA).

    Morse also claimed that Conyers gave her gifts and asked her to have dinner with him before he made the sexual advances. She added that she quit her summer internship and moved back to Ohio after the incident.

    Conyers, 88, announced Tuesday that he would retire from Congress, effective immediately, and that he would endorse his son, John Conyers III, to run as his successor.

    The longest-serving House member had been hospitalized recently for what staffers say are stress-related health issues.

    Conyers announced in November that he would step down from his seat as a ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee as accusations of his sexually harassing employees mounted.

    A BuzzFeed News report revealed that Conyers’ congressional office paid a former female staffer $27,000 of taxpayer funds to settle a sexual harassment claim, which prompted the House Ethics Committee to investigate Conyers’ conduct.
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    The Congress appeared to have had no problem with the age difference between Conyers and his ex-con wife Monica for all these years. Conyers is 88 and Monica Conyers is 52. So when Conyers was 34, the age of Roy Moore when he supposedly tried to date younger girls, Monica Conyers was still two years away from being born.

    John Conyers lands in hospital, Monica asks media to quit 'stalking' their family

    Posted By Violet Ikonomova
    on Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    • Youtube screengrab Monica Conyers addresses reporters outside the home she shares with Congressman John Conyers.

    As calls for Congressman John Conyers' resignation grow louder following newly released details of his alleged sexual transgressions, the media is levying its own assault on the 88-year-old — one that has landed him the hospital.

    At least, that's what local political consultant Sam Riddle would say.

    "The congressman's health is not what it should be and a lot of that is directly attributable to this media assault," Riddle tells WDIV-TV.

    If you haven't been following the barrage of headlines surrounding Conyers' alleged sexual harassment of at least two former staffers, here's the latest: The 88-year-old is now in the hospital.

    Other news of the day: One of Conyers' accusers went on NBC's Today to say that the Congressman violated her body. Shortly after, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for his resignation.

    Conyers has so far denied the harassment allegations but has admitted to settling a complaint for $27,000. Sunday, he stepped down from his post as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee. Tuesday night, he returned to Detroit from Washington "to look after his family," as per a Free Press report.

    The media has been staking out his house on Seven Mile, near the Detroit Golf Club, ever since.

    • Violet Ikonomova WXYZ-TV's Jim Kiertzner waves hello to our camera.

    According to Conyers' wife, the infamous Monica Conyers, camera crews were outside the house well after midnight Tuesday, and they were present as she got ready for work the next day. When Metro Times drove by Wednesday afternoon, the circus was in full effect, with made-up TV men prepping for their 5 p.m. live hits. Several passersby stood in the busy roadway to watch what was happening.

    RELATED Monica Conyers turns 50 today

    • Violet Ikonomova
    • WDIV-TV's Rod Meloni looks less happy to see us.

    Monica Conyers had scolded the media for "stalking" her house as she was on her way out earlier that day. The TV stations and Free Press then broadcast and posted her comments.

    Here's a transcript of her relatively pragmatic (for Monica), 1:30 min monologue. She does, however, at one point vaguely threaten reporters.

    Monica Conyers: "Do you all go and stalk other people's houses? Do you go and stalk white people's houses, or do you just come to the black neighborhoods and stalk our houses?

    Reporter: "We're just trying to get reaction."

    Conyers: "Ok, but this is our private residence, would you like it if I found out where you lived or you lived, and came to your house and sat outside and disrupted quiet enjoyment of your neighborhood and showed the whole world where you lived at as a newscaster? But would you like for me to do that?

    Reporter: "We're just trying to get reaction, your husband is a public figure."

    Conyers: "But I'm not, and my children are not, so is that fair to us? If you want to — find out where he is, go to his office, that's where he's a public figure. When he's here, we're a family, we're a home, so I think this is inappropriate and disrespectful for you to sit here first thing in the morning and late after the midnight hour to see if someone's gonna come and go. So, I mean, if you're going to continue to do that, maybe we should do like the previous administration and come and find out where all you live at and stand outside your houses and do that too.

    So I respectfully ask you, that you not post all at my house when people come down the street, cause I saw you doing that this morning first thing when I got up and got ready for work, and I think that's inappropriate.

    So that's all I have to say and you guys have a good holiday."

    RELATED Long-serving John Conyers should gracefully retire: End of the line?
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    No coincidence that she was born on Halloween?
    Monica Conyers turns 50 today

    Posted By Michael Jackman on Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    "An ignorant, self-aggrandizing, tempestuous jerk, an embarrassment to the city."

    Detroit City Council has had some very entertaining members over the years. Some have been corrupt, some have had behavior problems, some have shown bizarre style, and some have had a propensity to burst into song, but, collectively, they've been at least 50 percent more interesting than Warren City Council, on average.

    If you were to pick a Most Valuable Player when it comes to keeping all eyes on City Council for the wrong reasons, you'd have to select Monica Conyers, who, fittingly, celebrates her 50th birthday today. Feuding with eighth-graders, screaming at fellow councilmembers while in session, punching women in bar fights, using a city car to chauffeur her children to out-of-town schools, flipping out and screaming and making national headlines over a trifling matter like a hotel room, and finally being sunk in a scandal and sentenced to Camp Cupcake, Conyers's antics, now more than five years in the past, mark a dark time in the City Council's history, one that provided Metro Times with plenty to jaw over back then. These days, Detroit's press corps has to sustain itself with the occasional traffic stop, whether anything was wrong or not.

    Monica Conyers gave Detroit as a whole a black eye with her right hook to Rebecca Mews in a 2006 bar fight.

    How times change. It all came to a head in 2009, when we mentioned Conyers' antics the most. In that year, Conyers had her own TV talk show, and MT's resident media critic Jim McFarlin chimed in: "As reality TV goes, you want a celebrity whose life is littered with enough juicy subplots to keep eyeballs glued to the tube, and who in Detroit fits that description better than our City Council president? From her now world-famous comparison between Mayor Ken Cockrel and a certain animated character to the hotel fracas in Denver, the Cobo flap, the reported jobs for relatives and calls for her censure, Conyers never seems to be far from the eye of a public hurricane." McFarlin saved his strongest punch for the end, declaring that most Detroiters realize Conyers is "an ignorant, self-aggrandizing, tempestuous jerk, an embarrassment to the city."

    That happened just a month after Jack Lessenberry, in his weekly column, opened fire on Conyers, calling her "ignorant, nasty, ill-informed and hungry for power and ego gratification, in office only as a result of her famous name." A month later, Lessenberry topped that remark, writing: "She is doing more harm to the image of blacks in power than Birth of a Nation did a century ago."

    In fact, 2009 was such a huge year for Conyers that she was name-checked in a comedy show called Kwame a River 2: The Wrath of Conyers.

    It all led up to a very exciting election year, one Conyers had to sit out after pleading guilty to a bribery charge. Which prompted us to say in our Best of Detroit issue, "Mess up and you could be her cellmate. Sort of like prison in a prison."

    These days, Conyers keeps a low profile and, last we heard, the only thing she was punching was a time clock at a Corktown collision shop. How the mighty are laid low. Here's hoping you have a peaceful, fuss-free birthday, Monica. Thanks for the memories and … um … keep your head down.
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