At least 13 million people worldwide killed by covid jabs so far, warns Dr. Denis Rancourt

06/27/2023 // Ethan Huff // 3.1K Views

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For every 2,000 people in the West who got "vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), at least one of them died, according to researcher and physics expert Dr. Denis Rancourt, PhD.
While the covid jab campaign in India resulted in the deaths of 3.7 million of the country's most fragile residents, Western countries have seen many more millions die to the point that Dr. Rancourt estimates a global death toll of at least 13 million people.
On May 17, Dr. Rancourt testified at the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) in Ontario, Canada, the NCI being a citizen-led inquiry into Canada's Covid-19 response.
A Twitter thread compiled by citizen researcher and journalist Ben M., who helps maintain relevant data through projects such as Mortality Watch, features several video clips of Dr. Rancourt giving his testimony at the hearing.
"There's a strong correlation to poverty, which is one of the pieces of evidence that allows you to say that this is not a virus," Dr. Rancourt explained about how covid is not even a virus as claimed.
"No matter how you slice it, there's absolutely no correlation with age, which is definitive proof that this cannot be covid."
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Covid didn't kill people, the jabs did (and still are)

Truth be told, there is still no proof that covid itself even exists. What we have is plenty of evidence showing that people died from covid "injections," but it is all just speculation that anyone died of actual covid, which appears to be a chemical weapon delivered in part through the jabs.

"During the covid period, all Western countries cut antibiotics prescriptions by 50 percent, so they were not treating bacterial pneumonia," Dr. Rancourt further explained.
"The age structure of the excess mortality has changed as you move into the vaccination period. The peaks occur in very specific hotspots, but synchronously around the world [...] that from an epidemiological standpoint is strictly impossible because the time from seeding of an infection to the sudden rise of mortality is completely uncertain."
If covid was really a virus, then it would not be isolated to certain hotspots like it was, refusing to cross political boundaries and borders. Something else happened to start killing people en masse, and that something is known as covid "vaccines."
"The virus absolutely refused to cross these borders, of course, this is absurd, a viral respiratory disease is believed to spread, and it does not need a passport, and it does not respect borders, so that's yet another proof, that this is not a viral respiratory pandemic," Dr. Rancourt said.
"You see, as a consequence of the vaccine rollout, there's a higher regime of mortality. Same thing for each of the states in Australia. The large peak [in the southern U.S.] coincides with [the] vaccine equity [program]."
Dr. Rancourt would go on to reveal that injecting elderly people with these chemical concoctions – elderly people who were already at a high risk of dying due to a deteriorating immune system – is what drove up the death numbers exponentially throughout the "pandemic."
"Young adults are above the exponential [risk]," he further added. "There's a plateau of risk of dying for young adults."
In summary, Dr. Rancourt explained to the room that had there been no propaganda or coercion, and no declaration of a pandemic at all, then there would have been no excess mortality at all during covid. It was the jabs, as well as the lockdowns, social isolation, and mask mandates, that killed people.
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At least 13 million people worldwide killed by covid jabs so far, warns Dr. Denis Rancourt –