The left is desperate and floundering badly

If the left's shocking behavior does not send voters toward an all Republican ticket, then we are fatally gullible.

November 2, 2018
By Patricia McCarthy

Readers of AT are likely to have seen the many, many clips of deranged leftists who spew their anti-Trump venom 24-7 on CNN and MSNBC. No reason to name them all – they all say exactly the same things. Each one of them morphs seamlessly into the next one.

It is hard to imagine the level of their rhetoric being worse than it was throughout the 2016 campaign, but it is. They have gone off the rails, out of their minds. While the published polls show most races in the midterms as very, very close, they may suspect that they are going to lose badly. So bedeviled by Trump's success in all aspects of the government except illegal immigration, thanks to the Democrats and RINO republicans, they are melting down like the Wicked Witch of the West.
The left's accusations have ramped up beyond calling Trump Hitler, Stalin, tyrant, dictator, etc. They call him racist a thousand times a day, even though the man has never said or done a racist thing in his life. You can Google him with Rosa Parks and countless other African-American leaders with whom he has had long and close relationships. These people who are pontificating all day long about Trump's "racism" are idiots spewing talking points with which they've been up-armored in order to turn Americans against the man.

It's not working. The more they spout their groundless allegations of racism, homophobia, etc., the more they alienate the Americans who are gladly aware, day after day, of how much Trump has accomplished in just under two years. Their lives are better. The formerly jobless have jobs. The tax cuts have let workers keep more of the money they earn.
Trump's detractors are embarrassing themselves, and most Americans are paying no attention to them. These talking heads of the left have rendered themselves irrelevant. So invested in destroying the president, they've lost their minds and any sense of journalistic ethics they might once have had.
There are only four days left before the midterm elections, and the bad behavior of the left media has escalated: fake mailers, fake threats (if you're a hunter, don't vote), etc. There is no end, no low too low, for the Democrats; they mean to win by any means necessary. Will all their dirty tricks (false allegations against Kavanaugh as a last-ditch effort to derail his nomination, find a dupe to charge with fake mail bombs) help them win on November 6? Let us hope to God that Americans are not that gullible. Let us pray they realize that the left today hopes for Trump's failure. His successes are killing them. They are horrified by every economic triumph. These wins make them angrier and more desperate.
We now know one thing for certain: The left does not care one bit about the daily lives or the prosperity of the 300-plus million American citizens who actually work for their livings, who are happy but not wealthy, who love their families and their country. So desperate now, they are encouraging, fomenting the invasion of thousands of migrants from Central America. This invasion has been organized, choreographed, and funded by leftists, here, there, and everywhere, including the ubiquitous George Soros, whose mission it has been for decades to destroy capitalism.

It was not so long ago that these same Democrats opposed exactly what they are promoting now – Clinton, Harry Reid, Feinstein, all of them. Desperate now, they've changed their tune in order to create a permanent underclass and guaranteed votes. These people, our leftists, are loathsome, and they are anti-American.
Those of us who are horrified by what the American left has become are terrified by the possibility that the Democrats retake the House. They have made clear their plans for the destruction of Trump, the economy, and the country; they want revenge for his electoral victory.

Oleaginous Adam Schiff is still stuck on stupid regarding the claim that Trump colluded with Russia. Maxine Waters, the most corrupt and moronic member of the House, is planning all manner of Trump harassment once head of the Banking and Financial Services Committee. Demented Nancy Pelosi? One can only speculate as to her plans to prevent Trump from governing.

If this possibility does not send voters toward an all Republican ticket, then we are fatally gullible. These Democrats who are salivating at the prospect of wreaking havoc on the Trump administration are enemies of the state. What they plan, if they win, will negatively affect all of our lives. They want to undo the tax cuts and increase taxes on all of us. They want to bring back all the purposefully destructive regulations Obama imposed on businesses across the board that hamstrung the economy. They will make worse the damage already done to our health and medical care by Obamacare. Trump has eased some of that pain; they want to make it painful again. They will again engage with the worst actors on the world stage, as Obama did. They will torment Israel, as Obama did.
Every bit of their campaign promises and slogans is a lie. The left, as demonstrated by all the videos posted by Project Veritas, prove that the Democrats dissemble, lie, and cheat to win, and they are proud of their fakery. They must not prevail, must not win on Tuesday. They mean to ruin America as founded. They mean to turn us into something the Founders meant to preclude: a class-based tyranny of the elite. They mean to control every aspect of our lives, especially how we vote.

Don't fall for their treachery. Let them flounder like the fish out of water they are.