Levity Live cancels show after black comic applauds bombing of white Bostonians

(Updated 10:30 a.m. 4/23/2013) CONFIRMED: African-American comedian Paul Mooney hurled racial insults at his audience Saturday at Levity Live in West Nyack, outrageously stating that white people in Boston deserved to be bombed, and as long as no blacks were injured in the attack, he was okay with it.

It’s not clear the context preceding Mooney’s remarks, but what he said reportedly caused about 20 persons to leave the performance and demand refunds, management confirmed with media Sunday.

Mooney: Alleged comedian Paul Mooney thought applauding the murder and maiming of caucasian Bostonians, including an 8-year-old boy, would be suitable material for his audience at Levity

Live in West Nyack

As a result of his statements, Levity Live cancelled his Sunday performance and he will not be invited back to the club “anytime soon,” management further confirmed.

According to reports printed in Newsday and other outlets, one Twitter user in attendance explained Mooney said: “White people in Boston deserved what they got” and “as long as no blacks got hurt it was OK.”

The 71-year-old Mooney, a former writer for Richard Pryor and other top comics, has had a long history of making controversial and politically incorrect racial remarks.

The Rockland County Times has found video of earlier acts in which Mooney mused about the killing of whites in terrorist events. He has opined in the past that the 9.11.01 terror attacks caused a shift in the balance of power in society and on the world stage which he finds favorable.
Regarding the 9.11.01 attacks, Mooney smiled wide in one performance, and said, “Oh baby, it’s a whole new world. I love this new world. These Arabs, they upset these white folks. They went after their economy. The world is a different place.” He conceded that New York City “did not deserve that” and that if he could have talked to the terrorists beforehand he would have persuaded them to attack Disneyland in California, instead.
Not all of his jokes are about the white man’s chickens supposedly coming home to roost, but race is always a special focus of Mooney’s act. In one recent joke Mooney authored, typical of his brand of “humor,” he says, “[Tiger Wood's wife] beat the black out that boy. That’s why he ran into that tree. All that was left was the Asian.”

The incident in West Nyack has reminded many Rocklanders of the Michael Richards controversy, when the white comedian of “Seinfeld” fame assailed a black audience member with the “n-word” and caused a national stir.

The club apologized on Monday for Mooney’s comments. They released a statement which said, in part, “The management of Levity Live would like to offer its sincere apologies to its patrons and the city of Boston for Mooney’s insensitivity and distasteful material.”

The comedy club provided refunds to all customers who left the show Saturday and for the Sunday cancellation

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