Liberal gets beat up after attacking Trump supporter

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For over three years now, we’ve seen video after video of Trump supporters being attacked by crazy liberals. The left still hasn’t come to terms that they lost the election in November of 2016, and since they have no debate skills in them, they resort to violence. We’ve seen Trump supporters attacked by Antifa, BLM and other hate groups. We’ve watched as Trump supporters have been jumped, attacked with weapons and pulled out of their cars to be beaten by an angry mob of leftist Clinton supporters. Countless Trump supporters have been harmed at the hands of the left. It’s a cycle that has been on repeat since Donald Trump announced he was running for President and even worse since he was elected. In a liberal’s world, you have no right to support Donald Trump and apparently no right to defend yourself. That cycle ended yesterday, and no better way to end it other than at the hands of one of President Trump’s biggest supporters.

Yesterday, Cyndi Sheehan was out and about in Los Gatos, proudly wearing her Trump shirt. She decided to visit a couple of friends of hers who set up a pro-Trump booth downtown. When Cyndi arrived she encountered an unknown angry woman parked in front of the booth, blocking it. Cyndi began to record the woman who was acting very aggressively. The unknown woman was out of her vehicle, screaming at multiple different people, including Cyndi. The woman told Cyndi over and over again to “go back to her country,” to “go back to Ireland,” among several other insults. After about ten minutes or so, the angry woman rushed up to Cyndi and attacked her while grabbing Cyndi’s phone. Cyndi protected herself and did not let the woman assault her or steal her property, which resulted in the attacker on the ground, crying for help.
I’m not sure what liberals don’t understand about self defense. Can someone help me out here? What exactly
was Cyndi supposed to do? Any other action than which Cyndi took, could have resulted in Cyndi being harmed. She did exactly what was needed to be done to protect herself.
But, unsurprisingly, liberals do not feel the same. After yesterday’s incident, a woman by the name of Marsha Palitz-Elliott took to Facebook to post a photo of Cyndi asking for her to be doxxed (personal/private information to be made public). Elliott’s post mentions that Cyndi was a Trump supporter and that she beat someone up, but what Elliott fails to mention is that Cyndi acted in self defense, after being harassed for 10 minuets and physically attacked. Elliott also failed to provide the video, which shows proof that Cyndi acted in self defense. What may be the most disturbing about Elliott’s post, is the fact that, according to Facebook, she is a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist that puts out people’s personal information on Facebook. Disturbing.

Although Cyndi has been attacked verbally and physically, doxxed and threatened, I can assure you, she will go unfazed. Cyndi has been a fan of Donald Trump long before he announced he was running for President. And since he announced his run for President and got elected, Cyndi has been one of his most vocal supporters. She has proudly wore her Trump gear and encouraged others to proudly support President Trump. Cyndi has been attacked in the past, but every incident just makes her stronger and louder, as this incident will. Cyndi will continue to be the biggest voice in Silicon Valley. And the hate will just make her louder!

See video below:


See Marsha Palitz-Elliott’s FB post below:

UPDATE: The attacker has been identified as Margo Rosen from Oakland, Ca. Rosen is a former District Director for Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier.