Look In the Mirror America, This Is What We Have Become

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As a child, I grew up being told that America is the best place to live in the world. I used to believe that until I turned off my television and opened my eyes. In fact, if the truth be known, our country is on the way to being a third world country. We are not a third country solely because of economics. We are a mere shadow of what we once were because we have allowed ourselves to become fat, dumb and incredibly miserable.

Of course, if you provide an honest State of the Union, your fellow countrymen are likely to say something like “America, love or leave it.” Or, the more vulgar among us may sarcastically tell we naysayers to “Not let the door hit you on the backside on the way out!” The dumbed down sheep in this country, courtesy of the corporate controlled media, come well well-equipped to defend the dysfunctional status quo with a plethora of pre-conditioned axioms which are designed to spur feelings of national pride and patriotism. To this day, the American public is brainwashed to accept the following axioms:

“It’s as sound as a dollar.” “American is the land of opportunity”. “Made in America”. ”Americans are the envy of the world”. “They hate us because of our freedoms”.

Look around the streets of America. Who could hate America because of “our freedoms”? Do we really think that the world is jealous of America because anyone of us can be snatched off of the street without any due process under the NDAA? Does the world hate us because Americans have so much freedom that we can be conscripted into a civilian army, against our will, and at any age under Executive Order 13603? At least in most totalitarian states, the citizens at least know the score. They know they live in a fascist police state. In America, we have become so desensitized and dumbed down, that many of our countrymen couldn’t find the toilet without a GPS.

Americans Are Now Domesticated

The facts are clear, America is a nation in an undeniable state of free fall. Of course, the establishment media will never give you the entire picture on how bleak of a future most of our children are looking at. For when we ask the question as to what nation is the most miserable, among modern nations, the unquestionable answer to that question is the United States. The undeniable conclusion is that America has become fat, dumb but not very happy.

Who Is the Most Obese Nation On the Earth

America is undoubtedly the fattest nation on the planet. When one looks at the leanest nations in the world, it is interesting to note that most of these nations have mandatory GMO labeling laws and several of the nations do not allow GMO’s at all. Of course, we have allowed ourselves to become victims of our unhealthy food supply.

Country % of Obese

1. USA 30.6%
2. Mexico 24.2%
3. UK 23%
4. Slovakia 22.4%
5. Greece 21.9%
6. Australia 21.7%
7. New Zealand 20.9%
8. Hungary 18.8%
9. Luxembourg 18.4%
10. Czech Rep. 14.8%
Weighted Avg. 14.1%

Tumors in rats caused by GMO food consumption

Certainly, our skyrocketing cancer rates (USA #1), our diabetes rates (USA #1) and our heart attack rates (USA #1 ) are closely correlated to the astronomical obesity rates. With these kinds of numbers, it is certainly easy to understand why so many in the Patriot movement accuse the globalists of deliberately poisoning and sabotaging the health of the general population. These dramatic shifts in America’s health status did not just arrive out of thin air. The causes must be environmental. My vote, based upon foreign lab studies falls squarely on the unregulated and unlabeled GMO foods that we eat. GMO foods and the chemtrails, the fluoride in the water and vaccines constitute a very effective soft kill program.

Living the Good, but Not Long Life In America

Out of 222 countries, the United States ranks 51st in life expectancy. Yet, America spends far more on pharmaceuticals than any other nation. We spend almost 18% of GDP on health care, almost double the next nation. Yet, people in Guam live longer than we do in the United States. Cubans have a lower infant mortality rate. For all of the technology and all of the money we spend on health care, these are unacceptable statistics. Again, it is difficult to not conclude that there is a decided depopulation agenda which is designed to shorten the life span of Americans given these variables.


47 Gibraltar 78.83 2012 est.

48 Denmark 78.78 2012 est.

49 Portugal 78.70 2012 est.

50 Guam 78.50 2012 est.

51 United States 78.49 2012 est.

Dumbed Down America

Education is supposed to be the great equalizer. Innovation and creativity, derived from education, make up the well-spring of scientific development. America is 17th in the world in reading, 31st in science and 23rd in math.

Our military defense is predicated on technological innovation. One look at the statistics, is cause for grave concern over our national security, not to mention the standard of living for all Americans.

The above fact, constitutes the most significant long range national security threat. In less than a generation, it is unlikely that America will possess the most technological advanced weapon systems on the planet. This fact alone, make the US vulnerable to invasion and occupation.

Americans Are Becoming An Increasingly Miserable People

Unfortunately for Americans, people in Costa Rica and Panama are happier than Americans. Forty percent of Americans are struggling as compared to 35% of Costa Ricans and 39% Panamanians. Let me say this again, if you are an American, 40% of our countrymen are struggling to meet the basic essentials of life.

If I hear that we are so lucky to be Americans one more time, I think I am going to become nauseated. In the top 20 happiest nations in the world, only Mexico (5%) has more of its population listed as “suffering” than does the United States (3%).

The Happiest Nations in the World

(by % Thriving)
Country Region Percent
1 Denmark Europe 82 17 1 7.9
2 Finland Europe 75 23 2 7.8
3 Norway Europe 69 31 0 7.9
4 Sweden Europe 68 30 2 7.9
4 Netherlands Europe 68 32 1 7.7
6 Costa Rica Americas 63 35 2 8.1
6 New Zealand Asia 63 35 2 7.6
8 Canada Americas 62 36 2 7.6
8 Israel Asia 62 35 3 6.4
8 Australia Asia 62 35 3 7.5
8 Switzerland Europe 62 36 2 7.6
12 Panama Americas 58 39 3 8.4
12 Brazil Americas 58 40 2 7.5
14 United States Americas 57 40 3 7.3
14 Austria Europe 57 40 3 7.7
16 Belgium Europe 56 41 3 7.3
17 United Kingdom Europe 54 44 2 7.4
18 Mexico Americas 52 43 5 7.7

The Ultimate Unhappiness Measure

The United States is on the second tier of nations in terms of national suicide rates (22nd overall). And we spend by and away the most on antidepressant medication.

How Well Does the Government Serve the People?

Government Indicators

Nearly every Internet site and alternative radio show focuses on America’s failing economy and the establishment of a banker run tyrannical government intent on depriving us of our personal freedoms. Unlike the corporate controlled media, the alternative media has identified the major facts on why Americans are living in a “fundamentally transformed”, soon-to-be third world country. These beliefs are validated by the following data.

At the conclusion of WWII, America, with only 5% of the population, controlled 50% of the World’s GDP. The American economy was number one for decades, but corporate greed coupled with the central bankers ability to legally bribe government officials with PAC money, established free trade agreements and a whole host of corporate friendly policies at the expense of the disappearing American middle class.

The following statistics are dismal. People in Singapore have a more prosperous economy than do we in the United States. You are safer walking the streets of Hong Kong than you are in the US. The Irish, despite their long history of oppression, have more personal freedoms than do people in the United States.

When one examines the relative statistics of the G20 nations (i.e. the most influential 20 nations in the world), if it was not for our military prowess, we probably would not get invited to their meetings based upon the global economic, citizen safety and personal freedoms, in the United States, in comparison to our modern international cohorts.

Economy Safety Personal Freedoms

1. Switzerland 1. Iceland 1. Canada
2. Norway 2. Norway 2. New Zealand
3. Singapore 3. Finland 3. Australia
4. Luxembourg 4. Ireland 4. Ireland
5. Sweden 5. Hong Kong 5. Sweden
6. Germany 6. Sweden 6. Norway
7. Taiwan 7. Luxembourg 7. Denmark
8. Canada 8. Denmark 8. Luxembourg
9. Hong Kong 9. Canada 9. Netherlands
10. Australia 10. Switzerland 10. Iceland
…….20. USA ……..27. USA …….20. USA

Didn’t George Bush tell us that the terrorists hate us for our freedoms? What freedoms? You mean that old Constitution that we have allowed our banker run government to throw on the trash heap of history?