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Mainstream media asking Ukrainian soldiers to hide their Nazi patches from reporters

Thursday, June 08, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) Ukraine, and especially the eastern portion of the country, has a serious Nazi problem that the corporate media has been trying to conceal for many years – but no longer can.
Only recently was The New York Times forced to admit that Nazi ideology rules and reigns among Ukraine’s military and paramilitary – though the admission was reluctant due to the simple fact that the corporate media is having a really hard time stopping the public from seeing Nazi symbols on the helmets and uniforms of Ukrainian fighters while reading or watching the news.
Swastikas are everywhere on Ukrainian gear, so much so that the Times felt the need to run a piece acknowledging what many have known for years. The Times spun it, though, to claim that Nazi symbology in Ukraine simply highlights the “thorny issues” of its “history” as a country.
Since at least 2014, it has been widely known among independent media consumers that Ukraine is run by some questionable folks, to say the least. It is no surprise to any of them, in other words, that not much has changed since Russia invaded the land.
To corporate media consumers, however, the Times piece might be the first time they are hearing about Nazi anything in Ukraine. And because of the Times‘ spin-doctoring, they will be led to believe that such symbols are merely historical relics rather than current beliefs.
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Evidence of Nazi symbols on Ukrainian uniforms is just “Putin’s propaganda,” according to the NY Times

The Times is so reluctant to tell the truth about Ukraine’s Nazi ideologies that it has even gone so far in other recent reporting to claim that photos in other news reports depicting the current usage of these symbols in a non-historical context are somehow “misleading.”
[I]“In each photograph,” the Times reported in frustration about the poor optics of modern-day Ukraine in independent media reporting, “Ukrainians in uniforms wore patches featuring symbols that were made notorious by Nazi Germany and have since become part of the iconography of far-right hate groups.”
“The photographs, and their deletions, highlight the Ukrainian military’s complicated relationship with Nazi imagery, a relationship forged under both Soviet and German occupation during World War II,” a Times report continues.
NATO is in on the cover-up as well, having recently deleted images of modern-day Ukrainian military uniform symbols from its social media accounts in an attempt to conceal their Nazi underpinnings.
Back in November, the Times reported, the paper’s reporters participated in a meeting near the front line that was attended by a Ukrainian press officer who was wearing a Totenkopf variation made by a company called R3ICH (pronounced “Reich”). A second press officer who was present at the meeting admitted that other journalists had asked all soldiers in the room to remove such patches before taking any photographs.
In an attempt at damage control, the Times has repeatedly tried to claim that none of these symbols that journalists wanted to hide from readers and viewers are actually affiliated with Nazism. Instead, they are symbols of “Ukrainian sovereignty and pride, not Nazism,” we are told.
Hilariously, the Times is somehow blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for these accidental revelations about Nazi symbols and an associated cover-up, writing that “n the short term,” the presence of Nazi symbology on Ukrainian uniforms “threatens to reinforce Putin’s propaganda” while “giving fuel to his false claims that Ukraine must be ‘de-Nazified’ – a position that ignores the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish.”
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