Majority of Americans now REJECT the concept of gender fluidity

06/28/2023 // Laura Harris // 520 Views

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A newly published poll conducted by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist indicates that an increasing number of Americans are rejecting the concept of gender fluidity. According to the survey, 61 percent of Americans now hold the view that a person's gender should align with the sex listed on his or her original birth certificate. This figure represents a 10 percent increase from the previous year.
The poll also delved into Americans' perspectives on gender transition-related healthcare. Results show that 45 percent of the respondents believe that only adults aged 18 or older should have access to such healthcare. Meanwhile, 31 percent believe that adults over 18 and minors with parental consent should be allowed access, while 23 percent believe that no one, regardless of age, should have access to gender transition-related healthcare.
A breakdown of the responses along party lines demonstrates that a majority of Republicans, 52 percent, favor restricting gender transition-related healthcare to adults over 18. Additionally, 37 percent of Republicans support a complete ban on such healthcare. On the other hand, 51 percent of Democrats support access to gender transition-related healthcare for adults over 18 and minors with parental consent. Another 34 percent of Democrats advocate for this healthcare exclusively for adults over 18.
The findings demonstrate that societal attitudes can fluctuate and swing back toward a more morally grounded foundation. The survey also suggests that the majority of the public is ready to return to a Christian spiritual and moral framework, viewing it as the answer to addressing societal challenges.

Transgender movement has gone too far

The growing resistance to LGBT normalization can be associated with what some describe as "LGBT fatigue." Critics argue that the continuous bombardment of LGBT messages across various media platforms and the perceived imposition of these ideas in educational and workplace settings have contributed to public disillusionment.
A separate poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates in collaboration with Summit Ministries shows that the majority of American voters feel that the transgender movement has crossed a line by encouraging underage minors to undergo drugs and surgery to transition to the opposite sex. (Related: Chicago's school LGBT grooming scandal is a wake-up call for America.)
The poll reveals that 65 percent of respondents agree that the transgender movement has gone too far, while 21 percent disagree. The remaining 14 percent are not sure. Even among left-wing or Democratic partisans, 42 to 49 percent agree with the statement. Among Republicans or conservatives, 80-87 percent agree with the statement.
Pieces of evidence suggest that the transgender movement is already crossing societal boundaries in terms of propriety, decency and morality. For instance, school districts in various states, including Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, facilitate gender transitions for students while keeping parents uninformed.
Activists have established a comprehensive framework within schools, including curriculum, questionnaires, counselor training and provisions of cross-dressing materials to influence children's gender identity without parental knowledge.
The backlash against the LGBT agenda has also extended to the younger generation. In the recent "Pride" event in Massachusetts middle school, many students chose to wear red, white and blue instead of the traditional rainbow colors associated with LGBT pride.
As the cultural pendulum swings back, the increasing rejection of gender fluidity and the search for a moral compass indicate a broader societal reflection on the consequences of embracing LGBT ideology without critical examination.
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