Is a massive DEATH WAVE coming to the Covid VAXXED population? Top virologists and immunologists are predicting exactly that

04/16/2024 // S.D. Wells // 2K Views

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It used to be that vaccine "hesitancy" and "skepticism" amounted from concerns about all the toxins used to manufacture them, including mercury, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate and genetically modified blood cells from aborted babies, monkeys and other animals. Now, those fears pale in comparison to the scientific proof that Covid-19 jabs are causing a tsunami of health casualties across the globe, including deadly vascular clots, spontaneous miscarriages and sudden adult death syndrome (SADS).Prepare to witness the vaxxed sheeple death tsunami

A world-leading Belgian virologist, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, predicts a tsunami of deaths will occur within the herd of Covid-jabbed sheeple around the globe due to the billions of spike proteins they have in their blood and organs. This mass-casualty event has already begun, and it will pick up steam very soon when the "monster" Covid variants gain momentum. The medical industrial complex will surely call it "Long Covid," but it should be called Long-Vax-Syndrome. According to research conducted in several studies, spike proteins can remain in human immune cells for a year to 15 months following vaccination, and this is for people who never even contracted the virus, so to call it "Long Covid" is misinformation.
What happens is the spike proteins bind to blood vessels, causing endotheliitis, vascular inflammation and severely compromised immune systems. This in turn sets up Covid-vaxxed humans for a massive tsunami of death, including a surge of cancers that end with a "hyper-acute wave," according to virologists.
Should this Covid-vaxxed death tsunami occur, hospitals will become completely overwhelmed, almost overnight, and society as we know it will fall to pieces. As another election approaches, mainstream media and the vaccine industrial complex have a plan. We are now seeing the words "bird flu" take over fake news. The origin is in Texas, and this may be the new "bat soup" that prepares the world for the next scamdemic. Of course, the Biden Regime is acting worried, saying a dairy farmer caught bird flu from a cow, and it's the worst strain of bird flu in the history of the entire world, a hundred times deadlier than the Fauci Flu. How could they know this? They don't. (Quick, all Americans should grab their face diapers and head to Mexico).
The CDC, Centers for Disease Continuance, is saying the bird flu virus has mutated (sounds familiar), and this allows it to spread much more easily. Hopefully, farmers in Texas won't climb aboard cruise ships and head to Italy and China. Now the WHO is jumping on the bird flu bandwagon, issuing statements to support the WHO World Order, also known as WHO's Pandemic Treaty, a pandemic "response measure" that has the whole world giving up all their rights and becoming slaves of the New World Order.
In essence, it's just another psyop. The Bird Flu scare is just another viral "red flag" the vaccine industrial complex runs up the plandemic flag pole every year to year-and-a-half to scare everyone into taking some new deadly jab. Will they introduce the sequel to Swine flu, Zika, Anthrax and Ebola too?
Get your phone cameras and video ready to record all the drop box smurfs delivering millions of falsified "mail-in" ballots that are pre-marked for Biden, the senile girl-hair-sniffing freak in DC who supports open borders, staged infrastructure crushing events and plandemics. This could be the final election for POTUS (President of the uprooted states) of Amerika. Disease "X" is coming to a face diaper near you. Get those contract tracing apps loaded up. Also, bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on Long-Vax-Syndrome that's sweeping the nation and the world as you read this.
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Is a massive DEATH WAVE coming to the Covid VAXXED population? Top virologists and immunologists are predicting exactly that –