Massive Melbourne Protests Continue

by Vince Quill 11 hours ago11 hours ago

Whenever I think our lives are full of tyranny, I remember Australia
The island nation went from being an idyllic paradise that tourists the world over flocked to, but since the start of this ‘pandemic’ has turned into a live production of “V for Vendetta”.
The crippling, authoritarian, and Orwellian measures the Australian regime has taken in an effort to ‘curb’ Covid-19 have culminated in Victoria Premier Dan Andrews trying to secure permanent emergency power.
In response, thousands of citizens have taken to the streets to protest both this blatant power grab, as well as the increasingly insane Covid restrictions which exist in the country.

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I want to take this time to point out that the situation in Australia would not have deteriorated so rapidly, if it were not for the Australian people willingly giving the state their firearms.
Never give the state your guns.
Here’s the latest from the Melbourne protests:

NOW - Tens of thousands protest in #Melbourne against new pandemic law that would give the executive indefinite emergency powers to "protect public health".

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5:46 AM · Nov 13, 2021

Rita Panahi

Today’s Melbourne protest against the pandemic bill.

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2:38 AM · Nov 13, 2021

Aaron Ginn

You won’t see this in the news.50,000+ Australians protest in Melbourne for an end to COVID mandates and a return to normal.

8:15 PM · Nov 13, 2021

Sky News gave us a glimpse into the protests:

There are thousands of protesters rallying in Melbourne again today, angry over mandatory vaccination and the state government’s proposed pandemic laws.
This marks the third Saturday in a row demonstrators have taken to the streets of Melbourne to voice their opposition to the laws and vaccinations.
The crowds are building in Melbourne’s CBD as it is thought there are 5,000 people in attendance.

Jim Mellas

A 17 year old speaking out against the Pandemic Bill at the Melbourne protest today - no doubt a future leader!!

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2:00 AM · Nov 13, 2021 from Melbourne, Victoria

The Juggernaut

Melbourne Protest Crowds are huge, bigger than last week.#KillTheBill#SackDanAndrews

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8:21 PM · Nov 12, 2021

Reuters offered us some perspective from the protests:

A reporter at The Age posted video on Twitter of a protester carrying a mock gallows with three nooses hanging from it, and the newspaper showed a protester carrying a poster depicting Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews with a Hitler moustache and the hashtag #DictatorDan.
“We’re being governed by insane medical bureaucrats,” Craig Kelly, former Liberal Party member of parliament and now the leader of United Australia Party, told the rally, media reported.

Massive Melbourne Protests Continue (