Mathematician flags nearly 100,000 suspicious mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania

Sunday, December 06, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo

(Natural News) A prominent professor of mathematics at Williams College has signed an affidavit swearing that he has flagged nearly 100,000 mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.

Professor Steven J. Miller of Williams College analyzed ballot data from Pennsylvania collected by Matt Braynard, the former data chief of President Trump’s 2016 campaign. He also went through 2,684 voter interviews conducted by a phone bank.
During Miller’s investigation, he found two very concerning patterns. The first involved a lot of votes that may not have been counted, and the second is about absentee ballots that were requested by people other than the registered voter. Miller believes that all these ballots involve registered Republican voters.
“I estimate that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted range from 89,397 to 98,801,” said Miller in his sworn statement, a copy of which was provided to alternative media outlet Just The News. (Related: Trump victory: Pennsylvania court rules state election officials had NO authority to change balloting rules.)
Elaborating further on his analysis, Miller states that he believes anywhere between 37,001 and 58,914 ballots were requested by a person other than the registered Republican voter, and that “almost surely” there are between 38,910 to 56,483 mail-in ballots from registered Republicans that were returned but not counted.
Current election data shows that Democratic nominee Joe Biden is leading the count in Pennsylvania by around 81,000 votes.
This means that, if the election anomalies in Pennsylvania are properly investigated and resolved, it could change the course of the election and all 20 of the Keystone State’s electoral college votes could be returned to President Donald Trump.
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Discrepancies in Pennsylvania may be present in other battleground states

According to state data for early and absentee ballot requests, as of Nov. 16, roughly 165,000 ballots requested under the names of registered Republican voters were not counted. This supports Miller’s findings.
Trey Trainor, chairman of the Federal Election Commission, said that Miller’s analysis provides fresh evidence that large-scale voter fraud might have occurred during the election.
“This data, which is provided by an expert witness, who would be qualified in almost any court in the country, adds to the conclusions that some level of voter fraud took place in this year’s election,” said Trainor. “Therefore, the rush to certify results that are this suspicious from places with known election violations would nullify millions of votes that were legally cast by individual voters.”
Miller took his data from Braynard’s Voter Integrity Project, which is investigating the widespread allegations of voter and electoral fraud in Pennsylvania and other battleground states.
Braynard said that Miller’s conclusions show that there is a systemic problem regarding the conduct of the election, and that this is evident not just in Pennsylvania.
Braynard believes that if Miller’s analysis is also evident in other states, it may change the outcome of the election.
“We’re sharing our data for the other states so that Professor Miller can conduct a similar analysis on them,” said Braynard. “I look forward to seeing the results.”

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