Mazie Hirono, a Democrat senator for Hawaii, apparently wants Democrats to SHOOT pro-life advocates

Friday, September 16, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The infamous Hawaiian Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono is once again calling for violence against her political opponents, including her constituents who support the preservation of unborn human life.
In a rant she spewed on the Senate floor the other day, Hirono blasted the pro-life movement and issued “literally” a “call to arms in our country” against it (Related: Remember when Mazie Hirono called for a blanket ban on “white” people occupying any positions within Joe Biden’s cabinet?).
“When I hear my colleagues talking about how it should be states’ rights or government should not be telling us what to do, the word ‘hypocrites,’ it doesn’t even go far enough to call them out on what they’re doing,” Hirono belched.
“This is an outright attack on women in this country. That is how I see it.”
Hirono went on to claim that “more and more women” feel the same way that she does about “our right to make decisions about or own bodies.”
Fighting the pro-life movement, she continued, “is literally a call to arms in our country” – watch below:

Tom Elliott

"She meant 'literally' figuratively, obviously" — Democrats' media apologists, surely


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Tom Elliott

Sen. @maziehirono

: Fighting the pro-life movement "is literally a call to arms in our country."

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Tim Ryan, another Democrat, says “we’ve gotta kill and confront … MAGA Republicans”

Not to be outdone by Hirono in the extremism department, Tim Ryan, a fellow Democrat out of Ohio who is running for state senate, spoke to the corporate-controlled media about the problem of Trump supporters.
Like Hirono, Ryan wants Democrats and people who support their efforts to “kill and confront that movement” – watch below:

Tim Ryan: We have to “kill and confront that movement” of “extremist” Republicans.

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10:29 AM · Sep 13, 2022

Ever since the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, far-left extremists like Hirono and Ryan have been spouting hateful, violence-inducing rhetoric against conservatives and Republicans.
Such rhetoric has already resulted in a spate of violent acts against crisis pregnancy centers in America, which exist to help women with unwanted pregnancy find solutions that do not involve murdering their unborn children.
The left has become so unhinged concerning the abortion issue, in fact, that some leftists put together an interactive map tool for Democrats to use to more easily target crisis pregnancy center facilities
Two-time failed presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton also piped about these and other issues during a recent appearance on CNN where she compared “MAGA Americans,” referring to the “Make America Great Again” movement (or perhaps she meant this kind of MAGA?) to the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.
Democrats and their ilk are coming unhinged before our very eyes, calling for their own insurrection against pro-lifers and others who oppose the leftist agenda.
“Call to arms? I thought the Democrats were against guns,” wrote a commenter in response to Hirono’s statements.
“Globalists and their establishment lackeys want a civil war, or at least constant division,” added another. “Part of the big picture … that along with destroying the U.S. financially, and socially, and every other way.”
“That woman is a fool, but what is important is what all the Democrats are saying collectively which is a call to violence against any who oppose them,” wrote someone else. “Very Orwellian and totalitarian of these commie wannabes.”
“She’s dumber than a box of rocks, and she’s evil and twisted as well,” said another. “This is the type of person Democrats elect: people in line with their own low levels of intelligence, and satanic evil hearts. This dimwit doesn’t even get that abortion has just been sent back to the states.”
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Mazie Hirono, a Democrat senator for Hawaii, apparently wants Democrats to SHOOT pro-life advocates –