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    McDonald’s to Pay More Then $700,000 to Muslim Groups Over Islamic Food Dispute......

    McDonald’s to Pay More Then $700,000 to Muslim Groups Over Islamic Food Dispute.........

    Posted by Michael CHILDS, Admin II on January 22, 2013 at 12:52pm in Patriot Action Alerts

    Have Obama give them enough money to open their own ‘McMuslim Burkaburger.

    What a money laundry that would be.

    In a report by The Blaze,

    DEARBORN, Mich. (TheBlaze/AP) — McDonald’s and one of its franchise owners agreed to pay $700,000 to members of the Muslim community to settle allegations a Detroit-area restaurant falsely advertised its food as being prepared according to Islamic dietary law.

    McDonald’s and Finley’s Management Co. agreed Friday to the tentative settlement, with that money to be shared by Dearborn Heights resident Ahmed Ahmed, a Detroit health clinic, the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn and lawyers.

    I think we need to seek monetary damages from these Terroist for the direct death threats they teach towards us infidels, or we could just lock them up for conspiring to commit murder.

    It breaks my heart to see the cowardliness of people, and co.’s when they give in on their principals. What a shame. Oh yea McDonald's doesn’t have any principals. My bad.

    Why would anyone operate a business in Dearborn?

    You can’t prepare a McRib according to Islamic law. No one knows what it is.

    Dearborn, Michigan – is anyone surprised?

    What about the stoning of Christians by Muslims in Dearborn, MI?

    See here –

    Simple answer to the Muslim problem, stop selling ANY HALAL FOOD ITEMS at any eatery, stop selling them at grocery stores, make the Muslim cook in their own homes and open their own specific Muslim eateries and grocery stores. Problem solved. Stop making things easy for these terrorist turds.

    People avoid Dearborn Michigan at all costs. No one should do business there since you really don’t know who you are supporting.

    Holy Sharia Batman! Not McDonald's! The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling! Chic-Fila here I come!

    If you have never seen the way animals are killed for halal consumption you should research it. It is horrible and cruel. The followers of Islam treat animals just like they treat people praising their god all the while.

    This is the price you pay for capitulation. You play with fire, you will get burned. These people have the morals of Satan. They value death more than anything else. They will sue the white devil every chance they get. The owner deserves to be sued and to lose his or her business. I am sure the owner was desperate because this area of the country has been overrun with this disease called Islam. Ann Coulter was right, we need to get rid their leaders and convert them to Christianity. Otherwise our grand children will be living under Sharia Law.

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    McDonald’s to Pay More Then $700,000 to Muslim Groups Over Islamic Food Dispute......... - Patriot Action Network
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    The good news about this is that both parties are settling in a peaceful way. I heard that Mcdonalds Company is willing to pay for whatever cost to settle everything.

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