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Jon Corzine - Still hasn't been questioned

Six months after the collapse of MF Global and the disappearance of $1.6 billion in segregated customer funds, the Department of Justice has still not questioned CEO Jon Corzine.

Imagine that.


1. In the final days, lient got checked that bounced and friends got wires that cleared.

2. C level executives were still allowed to move corporate money around six weeks after the bankruptcy.

3. Take away quotes:

"Regulators aren't just turning a blind eye. They're aiding and abetting in criminal acts."

"Intelligent people will remember this case even if the crooks in the SEC and DoJ think they can sweep it under the rug."

The eighth biggest corporate bankruptcy in US history.

$1.6 billion is segregated customer funds stolen.

And the Department of Justice still hasn't interviewed
CEO Jon Corzine, yet claims there "no evidence" of
wrong doing.

Why this case isn't going away.


MF Global MF Global six months later

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