Michigan House passes “Hate Speech” bill to FINE AND JAIL parents, teachers, pastors, and politicians who speak the truth

06/27/2023 // Lance D Johnson // 5K Views

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The Michigan State Legislature is pushing forward a new “Hate Speech” bill that threatens anyone who speaks the truth on a variety of controversial and inherently offensive topics. The proposed legislation, HB 4474, does more than threaten the First Amendment and the free speech rights of Americans. The proposed legislation amends the state’s Ethnic Intimidation Act of 1988 - making it a “hate crime” if a person causes “severe mental anguish” to another individual.
The authoritarian left wants to punish individuals for thought and language they don’t like

This means that parents, teachers, pastors, activists, and politicians can be charged with “hate crimes” if their speech upsets someone who is weak-minded and vindictive. For example, the victims of these new “hate crimes” can claim that a pastor caused “severe mental anguish” because the pastor spoke a basic truth from the Bible. A parent who speaks out at a school board meeting could be accused of a “hate crime” if they exposed transgender pornography in their child’s classroom. Under this Orwellian law, the possibilities for abuse are endless.
If this hate speech bill becomes law, left-wing prosecutors could go after anyone they disagree with, bringing felonious “hate crime” charges against speech they didn’t like. Those who seek attention by adopting a victim mentality can target anyone who offends them. Left-wing prosecutors will be able to represent an entire victim class who cannot handle the truth, who decry verbal intimidation or harassment when facts are presented to them.

The bill defines intimidation and harassment as “willful course of conduct, involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable individual to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested…”
According to Attorney David Kallman of the Great Lakes Justice Center (GLIC), the proposed legislation is a threat to the First Amendment, honest speech, and the very essence of the English language. “Words are malleable,” he said. “They can be redefined by whoever is in power.”
“Under the proposed statute, ‘intimidate and harass’ can mean whatever the victim, or the authorities, want them to mean,” he said. “The focus is on how the victim feels rather than on a clearly defined criminal act. This is a ridiculously vague and subjective standard.”
New hate speech laws are reminiscent of Soviet-style re-education camps

If an alleged victim feels uncomfortable with someone’s speech, they can accuse that person of a “hate crime.” The proposed legislation doesn’t look at the intent of the speech; it only considers the feelings of the alleged victim. “The bill will lead to the prosecution of conservatives, pastors, and parents attending a school board meeting for simply expressing their opposition to the liberal agenda,” Kallman said.
The bill’s sponsor, State Rep Noah Arbit, is an LGBTQIA+ zealot. People who express the fact that sex is based on biology and determined by a person’s chromosomes could be labeled “transphobic” and persecuted under this hate crimes bill. People who believe that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman could be prosecuted for hate crimes against the LGBTQIA+ community.
Punishment for these so-called “hate crimes” includes a fine of up to $10,000, up to five years in prison, or both. People accused of hate crimes may also be required to “to complete a period of community service intended to enhance the offender’s understanding of the impact of the offense upon the victim and wider community.” According to the text of the bill, “Community service under this subdivision must be performed with the consent of—and in support of—the community targeted in the violation.” By enforcing punishments against language and thought, this bill is reminiscent of Soviet-style re-education camps. To avoid punishment, many people will self-censor and live in fear of the prosecutions that could result from speaking their truth.
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Michigan House passes “Hate Speech” bill to FINE AND JAIL parents, teachers, pastors, and politicians who speak the truth – NaturalNews.com