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    Michigan poll observer testifies: “Xerox copies” of military ballots all had votes fo

    Michigan poll observer testifies: “Xerox copies” of military ballots all had votes for Biden

    Saturday, December 05, 2020 by: Ramon Tomey

    (Natural News) A poll observer during the recent elections said she saw numerous military ballots with votes cast for Joe Biden that looked like “Xerox copies.” The poll observer who called herself “Patty” told lawmakers during a Dec. 1 Michigan State Senate hearing at Lansing: “Military ballots looked like they were all exactly the same Xerox copies of the ballot. They were all for Biden across the board; there wasn’t a single Trump vote.”

    “Patty” also testified that “none of the voters [who cast the military ballots were] registered.” Election workers had to manually type in names, addresses and a birth date of 1/1/2020, which the observer claimed “would override the system” and permit entry of non-registered voters.
    Aside from the irregularities in military ballots, the poll watcher with nine years’ experience also experienced unequal treatment from election officers at Detroit’s TCF Center. She told lawmakers that election officials would tell her and other Republican poll observers “no” whenever the GOP watchers would challenge the process, and even alleged that election officials told them to “take a break” when military ballots came in.
    “There were lots of agitators at the TCF Center … [working on] behalf of the Democratic Party,” “Patty” claimed. She continued that while GOP poll watchers were told to “go upstairs” to eat, the agitators and Democrat poll watchers got food brought in – and even ate on the same floor where the votes are counted.
    The witness provided no other details, and none of the lawmakers in the hearing from both parties disputed her testimony. Meanwhile, the office of State Secretary Jocelyn Benson has not responded to a request for comment on the matter.
    Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson insists the vote fraud allegations are baseless despite the presence of witnesses

    Benson previously said that there is no evidence of voter fraud of irregularities that merited overturning the state’s election results. Any evidence of actual election wrongdoing “should be submitted in writing to the Bureau of Elections, which refers all credible allegations to the attorney general’s office for further investigation,” she added.
    Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Benson’s office responded to the allegations of election fraud presented in the hearing through a Dec. 2 statement to The Epoch Times. “No actual evidence … was presented, despite repeated questions requesting such evidence from lawmakers. Instead, we saw a regurgitation of vague accusations based on lack of knowledge of election procedure and widely debunked conspiracy theories,” the statement said. (Related: Powell lawsuit in Michigan alleges “Dominion computer fraud” and “illegal conduct” by election workers.)
    However, “Patty” was not the only witness who stepped forward to expose irregularities at the TCF Center. Poll worker Jessy Jacob, who was a Detroit city employee for more than 30 years, signed an affidavit back in November that attested to election fraud.
    Jacob’s affidavit indicated that she and her colleagues were first instructed in September to “unlawfully change dates to alter ballots, instruct voters to cast ballots to vote for Democrats and … follow voters into the voting booth” to encourage them to vote either “straight Democrat” or for Biden. She was then transferred to a satellite polling place the next month and instructed to “disregard any identification for in-person voters” and “ignore any signature verifications.” Finally, Jacob was ordered “not to compare signatures” and “to back-date any ballots to make sure they reflected arriving before Election Day” when she was transferred to the TCF Center in November.
    Freelance IT contractor Melissa Carone also attested that vote fraud had been occurring at TCF Center. The IT employee contracted by Dominion Voting Systems claims she saw poll workers scan the same batches of ballots repeatedly – “up to eight or ten times.” Carone also added that she only ballots marked for Joe Biden during her entire shift, with nary a ballot for President Donald Trump. Despite being prohibited to touch ballots or stand directly over the counting machines, she added that some poll workers were openly altering ballots to favor the Democratic nominee. gives you the latest on efforts to expose election fraud in battleground states such as Michigan.

    Sources include:

    Michigan poll observer testifies: “Xerox copies” of military ballots all had votes for Biden –

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    What a treasonous thing to do to our Military.

    I hope these people are rounded up by the FBI and thrown in prison for 10 years, minimum, and never be allowed to vote again!


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