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    Exclamation More Evidence That the Covid Conspiracy Theory Is a Fact

    Paul Craig Roberts: More Evidence That the Covid Conspiracy Theory Is a Fact

    The coercive practices of restricting movement of people and compulsory Covid vaccination are spreading throughout formerly free countries. Germany has now joined Austria, Italy, and Australia in resurrecting the Third Reich.

    The rush to totalitarianism is inexplicable according to the official narrative. All health authorities now acknowledge that the mRNA “vaccines” do not prevent infection and do not prevent the vaccinated from spreading the infection. This is the reason that the vaccinated are told they need booster shots every 6 months and need to continue wearing the ineffective masks. Why booster shots protect when the previous shots don’t is not explained.

    Neither is it explained why the emphasis is on protecting against a virus that has a very low mortality, killing primarily those with existing morbidities who are not effectively treated. In contrast, the adverse vaccine reporting systems in the US, UK, and EU reveal a larger number of deaths and injuries from the “vaccine” than from Covid.

    We also have evidence that the young who are not endangered by Covid are seriously endangered by the vaccine with vaccinated children and young, healthy sports stars dropping dead from heart attacks.
    We also have evidence that the “vaccine” attacks the innate human immune system, making the vaccinated less able to ward off all viruses and diseases such as cancer.

    In other words, all evidence is against vaccination. There is no evidence in favor of it.

    So why the coercion to force dangerous vaccination that only does harm?

    It is simply not possible that public health agencies in Austria, Italy, Germany, and Australia are unaware of the evidence that the Covid “vaccines” are a total failure and a danger.

    Are all public health officials bought off by bribes from Big Pharma, or is the suspicion that a reduction in world population is underway a fact instead of a conspiracy theory?
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    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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