NEA celebrates 'drag queen' teachers

Bill Bumpas - OneNewsNow
7/15/2010 5:15:00 AM

The National Education Association (NEA) continues to alienate more and more of its conservative constituents as the organization showed its liberal leanings at its 2010 national convention.

At this year's meeting in New Orleans, the largest professional organization and labor union in the U.S. recognized a new caucus: the NEA Drag Queen Caucus. (See list of recognized NEA caucuses [PDF]) ... ucuses.pdf

"They already have had the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, [and] Transgender Caucus and apparently felt that the drag queens needed their own caucus," explains Finn Laursen, executive director of Christian Educators Association International (CEAI).

"America, I think, needs to respond and to realize what the National Education Association stands for; they're not hiding it. It's appalling to many of our conservative Christian educators who, in their own lives, could not support this kind of thing but find that their dues are being used to support just those kinds of thing," he adds.

Laursen also tells OneNewsNow there was a movement this year to see the NEA's pro-abortion stance changed to a more neutral position, but that effort failed. "The organization and its delegates were just unwilling to step back and take no position on abortion," he laments. "They're going to continue their pro-abortion stance."

The CEAI executive director shares that every year following the NEA convention, he sees a spike in interest towards his organization from people looking for an alternative. He says that after this year's event, his organization "even had to put in an extra phone line and bring in extra staff just to answer the phones." ... id=1088280