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    NaturalNews publishes names of government agents who masterm

    NaturalNews publishes names of government agents who masterminded Rawesome Foods raid

    Sunday, August 14, 2011
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    Editor of

    (NaturalNews) The Rawesome Foods raid that took place August 3, 2011, is being publicly described by many as an act of "government terrorism" against innocents ( And yet there has been very little information published about the names of the government instigators who masterminded these armed raids and oversaw the pillaging of Rawesome Foods and the destruction of tens of thousands of dollars worth of food.

    Today, NaturalNews is publishing the names of five government agents who masterminded this raid and / or took part in the raid. This is all part of a campaign to protest these acts of government tyranny by sending emails, making phone calls, sending letters and otherwise making it very clear to these agents that We the People will not tolerate this kind of treatment.

    As always, if you send emails to these people, keep the following important points in mind:

    • Keep your emails civil. Be firm in your complaints but DO NOT make any threats or engage in illegal of threatening behavior against these individuals. NaturalNews does not condone acts or threats of violence.

    • Remember that if you send them emails, they will have your email address, so in order to protect your privacy, it's always better to send emails from anonymous email sources such as Hotmail, Gmail, etc. Absolutely DO NOT send emails from your work or office email account.

    • If you send emails or faxes, be sure to clearly state WHY you oppose these government actions against Rawesome Foods. Be clear in your message: Do you think the government has gone too far? Are you opposed to the government destruction of valuable food? Are you offended by the use of gun-toting, SWAT-style police officers as part of these raids? What specifically do you oppose in all this?

    Why these individuals represent truly BAD government Here are the top government agents involved in this raid. It's also worth noting that most of them have been waging a long-term WAR against raw milk over the past several years. Many of these government agents are the very same people responsible for campaigns of threats and intimidation against other raw dairy operations, both in California and around the country.

    These people, in my opinion, represent the worst of runaway Big Government. They perfectly depict how government becomes an institution of evil that destroys private property, disrupts important resources in the food supply, denies infants and children important nutrition (raw goat's milk) and operates with extreme arrogance as if they are untouchable.

    Your job is the help remind these people that we know who they are, and we're going to be keeping an eye on them from this point forward to make sure that they respect their role as servants of the People, not rulers over them.

    It is crucial that government workers realize that when they are granted power by the People, they must exercise that power with discretion with the intention of serving the People, not conducting their own personal vendettas against individuals or small businesses they don't like.

    Government agent #1: Scarlett Treviso Helped mastermind the first raid on Rawesome Foods, and has been heavily involved in intimidation tactics against raw dairy farmers across California for years.

    Scarlett Treviso, Senior Special Investigator, California Dept. of Food and Agriculture Milk and Dairy Food Safety division Office phone: 949-716-8913 Email:

    See the first Rawesome Foods raid warrant, signed by Scarlett Treviso: http://uncheeseparty.files.wordpres...

    Milk and Dairy Food Safety offices around California (with phone numbers):

    General contact info for California Dept of Food and Agriculture:

    Google search on Scarlett Treviso:

    Government agent #2: Terrence Powell Terrance Powell, Bureau Director, Specialized Surveillance & Enforcement Bureau of Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

    Email: Workplace: 5050 Commerce Drive, Baldwin Park, CA 91706 Phone: (626) 430-5150 Fax: (626) 851-3758

    General website:

    Government agent #3: Kelly Sakir Kelly Sakir is the assistant DA of Los Angeles County. Phone: 213-582-3394

    Kelly Sakir's boss is Steve Cooley: Phone: 213-974-3512

    Government website:

    Read the LA County's collection of lies about raw milk -- and their gloating over their armed raid on Rawesome Foods -- at:

    Sandi Gibbons is the Public Information Officer for the LA County District Attorney's Office. She would also be another good person to call with your protest: Phone: 213-974-3525

    Government agent #4: Siobhan DeLancey FDA Press Officer, participated in the investigation of Rawesome, covers Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, including food recalls.

    DeLancey has been caught spreading grossly misleading information about raw milk to the New York Times, including the fear-mongering claim that drinking raw milk causes children to become "paraplegics." (Notice how she doesn't say that taking FDA-approved medications can cause you to DIE?)

    Phone: 301-796-4668 Email:

    Government agent #5: Michelle LeCavalier Michelle is an Environmental Health Specialist III at the Department Of Health Services: 1501 Capitol Avenue, Suite 6001 Sacramento, CA 95814-5005

    We could not locate an email for LeCavalier. If you can find one, let us know and we'll update this article with it.

    Her boss is Jesus Urrutia, Chief EHS 6851 Lennox Ave. # 310 Van Nuys, CA 91405 (81 902-4470

    From this listing of district offices:

    The Director of Environmental Health for the County of Los Angeles is: Angelo J. Bellomo 5050 Commerce Drive, Baldwin Park, CA 91706 Phone: (626) 430-5100 Fax: (626) 813-3000

    You can also leave a message on the Environmental Health Emergency Hotline at (88 700-9995

    Or use their complaint form at: http://admin.publichealth.lacounty.... (You can use this form to complain about Dept. of Public Health!)

    Government mob boss: FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg The real mastermind behind all this is, of course, the head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a rogue government agency that's widely engaged in acts of domestic terrorism against the American people (

    The mastermind who plots the FDA's war against innocents is none other than Margaret Hamburg, the FDA Commissioner.

    Phone number for her office: 301-796-5000 Main FDA number: 888-463-6332 Email address #1: Email address #2:

    Be sure to send to both!

    Thanks go to this website for providing the emails:

    Take action now: Send emails and call these numbers to voices your complaints! Previous protests organized by NaturalNews have been hugely effective at challenging tyrants and reminding them that they actions are completely unacceptable to freedom-loving Americans.

    Your phone calls and emails to officials of Oak Park, Michigan helped Julie Bass win her freedom from the tyrants operating there (

    Your complaints have also been heard loudly in Detroit Michigan where Maryanne Godboldo is facing multiple felony charges for refusing to medicate her daughter with psychiatric drugs:

    Now, your voice can make a measurable impact against the government agents involved in these outrageous actions against Rawesome Foods.

    Join us in sending emails and making phone calls to voice your complaints against these out-of-control government bureaucrats -- people who I consider to be parasites on society who believe they rule by force (at the end of a gun) and run a totalitarianism dictatorship right here in America.

    It's time to put these people in their place and make sure they know we are watching and paying attention -- and we will take action to protect our lives, our liberties and our pursuit of happiness, even in the face of total government oppression and intimidation.

    Source: ... Foods.html
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    Seriously now... How many Government Burocracies are there?
    This is just mind boggling!
    <div>MY eyes HAVE seen the GLORY... And that GLORY BELONGS to US... We the PEOPLE!</div>

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatriotofPast
    Seriously now... How many Government Bureaucracies are there?
    This is just mind boggling!

    For every one gov Bureaucracy, there are at least TWO more!
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