McHenry (R-NC, 10th district) is a rock solid conservative that is adamnatly opposed to amnesty. In this virtual townhall meeting he went over the SCHIP Act, FIZA Act and took questions on illegal immigration, Border Fence Act, Ramos and Compean, Hate Crimes Act, War profiteering, tainted products from China, health insurance for small business, Energy Development, Gas prices, bi-partisan congressional bickering, and Presidential/Congress disatisfaction. The entire meeting is about 1/2 hour and is quite interesting. In an on-line poll taken during the virtual townhall meeting, illegal immigration came out on top as his constituents greatest concern, with health care second. If you have a chance, check it out.

McHenry Hosts First Ever Virtual Townhall ... ntID=70533
Participants from All Ten Counties in the Tenth District Logged On for an Unprecedented Online Discussion with Their Congressman
Washington, Jul 31 -

Congressman Patrick McHenry on Monday launched Congress’ first-ever Virtual Townhall, which netted participants representing all ten counties in North Carolina’s Tenth District. The Virtual Townhall uses cutting edge technology to provide an online forum for direct communication between Western North Carolina’s citizens and their member of Congress. Please click here to view Monday’s Virtual Townhall in its entirety: ... 1261057267

“Any time you push the envelope by using new technology there’s a question about how successful and effective it will turn out,