Nearly 75% of New Jersey residents refuse to cooperate with COVID-19 contract tracers

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Phil Murphy, the governor of New Jersey, is upset. His efforts to convince state residents to cooperate with Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) contract tracers have failed, and now he is choosing to whine about it in public.

During a recent press conference, Murphy complained that about three out of every four New Jersey residents are refusing to share with the government who they are spending time with and how often, personal information that Big Brother says it needs to prevent future “spikes” of the novel virus.
“Quite frankly, this is unacceptable,” Murphy declared, claiming that more than 3,500 new “cases” of COVID-19 emerged in the Garden State in a single day, bringing the statewide total over the past nine months to 371,579.
Failing to disclose how many of these “cases” recovered, Murphy painted the typical doomsday scenario for the media, insisting that if people continue to refuse their cooperation then there will be many more “waves” of the virus soon to come.
“The rate of noncooperation with our contact tracers is now up to a whopping 74 percent of cases,” Murphy moaned, adding that he wants “folks to turn that around.”
“It is extremely critical for contract tracers to get in touch with the close contacts of those who test positive to help us stop the spread of this virus.”
In a follow-up tweet, Murphy doubled down by revealing that the state has hired 30 contact tracers per 100,000 New Jersey residents, and that everyone needs to cooperate with their demands.
“This is not a witch hunt,” he went on to write. “We’re only trying to stop the spread of this virus. Work with our contact tracers.”
How much longer are they going to keep up this charade?

As these power-tripping governors have become notorious for doing, Murphy threatened to shut down certain parts of his state’s economy if people refuse to abide by his demands.
Murphy contends that New Jersey is “just months away from pulling ourselves out of the darkness,” but only if people stay at home, wear a mask, avoid other people, and wash their hands, all of which he calls “common sense.”
Murphy also alluded to canceling Christmas if the situation does not go the way he hopes. Nobody should travel this holiday season, he says, and people need to “keep their distance from Santa,” even.
“Santa’s got to wear a face covering; you’ve got to wear a face covering,” Murphy joked (or at least we think he was joking). “This is Grinch times 5.”
Ignoring the latest science, which shows that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is basically over at this point, Murphy went on to talk about new “cases” as well as the thousands of people who are being “tested” throughout the state.
Compared to back in the spring when hospitals were supposedly having to store dead bodies in refrigerated trucks, New Jersey is seeing far more “cases” being quickly discharged and sent home. Officials say this is because there is now a “better understanding” about why there is no need for mass panic over the virus.
Still, health authorities want people to go through the usual rituals of muzzling their own faces, treating other people like walking diseases, and engaging in other such bizarre, antisocial behavior that makes people feel “safe.”
“Contract tracing goes like this: Someone gets Covid and gives up names of everyone and everywhere they were in contact with. Friend, restaurant, workplace. So then once you answer those contact tracing calls, you are ordered to quarantine and disrupt your life for 10-14 days,” wrote one Daily Mail commenter.
“Theoretically you could get caught in those webs and quarantines over and over. Stay home if you can, social distance, but to be told you have to quarantine because your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate tested positive is ridiculous. RESIST!”
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