Nearly one out five voters would change their vote for Biden
Democrats played three-card monte on voters with their vote-early scam.

November 28, 2020
By Monica Showalter

The Democrats knew what they were doing when they pushed voters to vote early.
"Vote. Please vote. Vote early. Come up with a plan to vote. Go to If we use our vote, and we use our voice, we will win," Kamala Harris exhorted in a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Facebok campaign ad, screwing up her face and pumping her fist for emphasis.
Turns out that was great for them, but a bad deal for the voters. In fact, it was a sleight of hand comparable to three-card monte, to a lot of sad marks who gave up their right to an Election-Day vote, cast their ballot as told for Biden, and now can't get it back.
According to OAN One America News, a survey from the Media Research Institute found that 17% of Biden voters regretted their votes. Some 45% said they had never heard of the Biden scandals, ranging from the sexual assault allegations from legislative staffer Tara Read, to the evidence of selling influence to China and other rogue actors found in the abandoned laptop of Biden's son Hunter. In the OAN interview, MRC's Dan Gainor told OAN's John Hines that 9% of those Biden voters surveyed said they would have changed their votes based on the news of corruption allegations, which had been repressed on social media and ignored by most of the mainstream press. (MRC does not have a link to the survey that I can find).
That's a significant number of people, nearly one out of five.

Which tells us that early voting, like mail-in voting, was also a scam.
We all know how mail-in voting set the stage for multiple ballots sent on hideously outdated voter registration lists, broke the chain of custody, place ballots into the unreliable and politically biased postal service's hands, opened the gates to coerced ballot harvesting, and left authentication as to who actually voted impossible to determine.
But early ballots were if anything at least as insidious.
For Democrats, these were a heads-I-win-tails-you-lose proposition to voters.
With early voting, it didn't matter. Early votes meant less campaigning to worry about for Joe Biden, and enable Democrat ballot harvestors to concentrate pressure on those who didn't.
Early votes could form the starter dough for those late-entry voting dumps that changed the direction of the balloting in some pivotal blue cities, which was another benefit for the Biden team.
They also saved the doddering Joe Biden from having to campaign. Biden, recall, didn't campaign much, never put a detailed platform, changed his positions for different voting audiences, and never said much of what he would do once in office. He was an old shoe with a remarkably empty 47-year track record, adept only at lining his personal pockets, which made him a palimpsest to low-information voters. Getting voters to vote early got the job done for him, and never mind about the voter's interest in casting an informed vote.
The calls to cast one's vote early in fact were marketed to voters as a patriotic duty, and included some claims that the votes could be counted more quickly if they didn't have to be done all at once. That was another three-card monte, given the tardiness of the results in key Democrat-controlled swing states.
It was all to Biden's benefit, because once he had the vote in hand, it was very easy to swing to the far-left. The voters who voted early were left as suckers.
John Hinderaker at Power Line last October found that voter remorse set in early, with a top Google search result being 'How can I change my vote.' Early voting took that chance to cast one's ballot, on Election Day, as has been done for more than 200 years, away for many.
It's sleazy stuff, a pre-planned sleight of hand to seize one a voting moment early and deny voters the right to cast their ballot on the designated day alongside the rest of the nation.
With that much remorse, it puts fuel to the fire that a re-do of such a flawed election is what should be done -- one day, paper ballots, two-party observation. Election day should be the voters' choice on their stated day, not a drawn-out election 'season' which like mail-in-balloting, creates some amazing windows for fraud and opportunism. Election Day should be the measure of a voter's choice, not an extended season to trick voters out of their right to decide with all the facts in.
Where do these voters go to get their votes back? Scrap the vote and do it right.

Image credit: Kamala Harris, via shareable Facebook post