The following information is from the Sept./09 newsletter of Citizens for Immigration Reform, Dallas, TX, which will host this gentleman as their speaker on September 12:

Christopher Hatley
Author of "Provide For The Common Defense"
(Released in June '09)
Retired Field Artillery Officer

"Christopher Hatley is a seventh generation Texan born and reared in Dallas. He graduated from West Point and retired from the army in 2004 after 27 years of service.

"Of twenty-seven decoratins and awards, his highest decoration is the Legion of Merit for exceptionally meritorious service to the nation.

"'Christopher Hatley spent nearly three decades helping the U.S. Army plan for and conduct combat operations and now he's turned his West Point training toward forging a rational federal response to the border crisis.

""Despite billions in government spending the borders remain porous. Worse: the government is indifferent to this clear and present danger.'"

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Below is an extensive reader's review from the book's site:

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A Revelation of Vulnerability, August 2, 2009
By Charles C. Brooks (Dallas, Texas) - See all my reviews

"Provide for the Common Defence," caught me totally off-guard. What I assumed would be a simple treatise on the deficiencies of U.S. border security, was instead a multi-faceted revelation of errors, threats, misconceptions, vulnerabilities, and predictions of things to come, good or bad, depending upon our future plans and actions. The book presented not only a revelation but a solution as well, and not just any solution, but a well-thought-out, researched, and supported solution that I believe would be well received by a majority of Americans, should it be proposed.

The author, Christopher Hatley, came well-equipped to handle the task of creating this book, as a West Point graduate, a three-decade veteran of the U.S. Army, and a trainer of military decision-making processes. From reading his book, it became apparent that he has a deep-seated knowledge of the content, meanings, and principles within our nation's Constitution, supporting documents, and legislative system. The book reflects Hatley's intuitive insight into the problems at hand, along with his investigative analysis and strategies based on military, political, economic, diplomatic, and philosophical observations and findings.

The book touches on many topics related to or affected by border security, revealing shocking facts and figures that will quickly remove any sense of safety and security that you once had, and removing all thoughts that we as a nation are strong and protected on all sides. I was shocked to discover the massive size, sophistication, and corruptive support of the Mexican drug cartels. I was surprised to find that the cartels are using mini-submarines, that are virtually undetectable, to carry 12 to 15 tons of narcotics up to 2000 miles through Caribbean waters into the U.S. I was also surprised to find that the cartels now have advanced regular army military units and advanced hardware, and have attempted to purchase Russian helicopters and Tango-class submarines.

Christopher Hatley travelled to both sides of the border towns along the California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas borders to observe and analyze the security practices being used there. His findings were deeply disturbing to me, making me want to rush through the book to get to his suggested solutions. He writes about human trafficking of Mexican nationals into the U.S. and trafficking of human slaves into both the U.S and into Mexico and beyond for labor and prostitution. He writes about the Mexican border as a gateway for terrorists into the U.S. and methods they use to gain entrance. He writes about infectious diseases entering the U.S. and the threats they impose.

Most importantly, Hatley talks about what is being done and not being done about border security, and talks about why there is a difficulty in reaching a consensus of opinion and a proactive approach to a solution. He offers up a well-thought-out, researched and documented solution that I believe should be on the desk right now of our nation's political and military leaders. This book is filled with the wisdom that our nation needs to survive, and we owe it to ourselves to make sure that it is read.
The next time Christopher Hatley runs for any office, I will surely vote for him, and would encourage citizens of Texas and of any other state in the U.S., who want to put people with his knowledge and credentials in office, to do the same.

A final word to the wise - read this book and encourage others to do the same. We all owe it to our families and our heirs. ... ewpoints=1