New Evidence Implicating Globalist Kissinger in War Crimes

Elder globalist known for his Colbert comedy routine, not his avid participation in mass murder

Kurt Nimmo
January 16, 2014

Henry Kissinger, as Secretary of State, routinely facilitated mass murder. And yet, as a prized high level globalist and Rockefeller confidant, this criminal has remains untouched.

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Documents Tie Henry Kissinger to ‘Dirty War’ in Argentina
11:27 AM - 16 Jan 2014

Additional evidence has surfaced revealing Kissinger’s role in Argentina’s so-called “Dirty War” against labor organizers, students, journalists, nuns, pacifists and other assorted dangerous terrorists. The United States enthusiastically supported the regime in Buenos Aires while least 9,000 people were disappeared, tortured and murdered.
“Washington’s military and economic aid to Buenos Aires prior to the dirty war was substantial, military aid alone amounting to $810 million between 1960 and 1975,” writes Frederick H. Gareauin his State Terrorism and the United States: From Counterinsurgency to the War on Terrorism. “Moreover, it trained 4,017 Argentine military personnel during several administrations in the period 1950 to 1979; many of the personnel were trained in counterinsurgency warfare. The evidence indicates that the training given was intended for such an eventuality as the dirty war and that Washington is guilty of being an accessory before the fact.”
It has been known since at least the 1980s that Kissinger was intimately involved in what happened in Argentina. “Just three months after Argentina’s generals took power in 1976, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger gave that country’s military a green light to continue its ‘dirty war,’ according to a State Department memorandum,” Martin Edwin Anderson wrote in 1987.
“This document shows that in early 1977 Robert Hill, then the U.S. Ambassador to Buenos Aires, told a top Carter Administration official that Kissinger had given his approval to the repression in which at least 9,000 people were kidnapped and secretly murdered. Kissinger, he charged, put his imprimatur on the massive disappearances in a June 10, 1976, meeting in Santiago, Chile, with Argentina’s Foreign Minister,” Anderson writes.

Argentina’s disappeared children from “Las Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo.” Photo: Latin American and Latino Studies Program at Wake Forest University

While Kissinger’s role in rounding up and murdering the political enemies of the generals in Argentina is once again entering the spotlight, his handiwork in the slaughter of untold thousands in Cambodia remains largely a political footnote. Under Nixon’s operation Menu, facilitated by Kissinger during peace talks with North Vietnam, the U.S. military dropped an astounding 2,756,941 tons of bombs on the country, a destabilizing process that ultimately led to the rise of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge who viciously implemented a barbaric form of communism that resulted in the death of millions.
The official narrative, echoed by the establishment media, fails “to mention that before Pol Pot came to power in 1975, the United States had devastated Cambodia for the first half of what a Finnish government’s study referred to as a ‘decade’ of genocide (not just the four years of Pol Pot’s rule, 1975-78,” writes Edward S. Herman. ‘The ‘secret bombing’ of Cambodia by the Nixon-Kissinger gang may have killed as many Cambodians as were executed by the Khmer Rouge and surely contributed to the ferocity of Khmer Rouge behavior toward the urban elite and citizenry whose leaders had allied themselves with the foreign terrorists.”
Kissinger, as an “elder statesman” sheltered by his status as a high level globalist operative intimately connected to the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, will, of course, never be arrested and sit in the docket accused of perpetuating war crimes. The elite are immune from prosecution and because of this they continue their work, often accomplished with unprecedented violence and brutality.
Because he is untouchable and will never face justice, or even the wrath of his fellow citizens, who are largely ignorant of his crimes, Henry Kissinger is free to play a bit part in a comedy routine with Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert.
Mass murder, genocide, napalmed babies, students thrown out of helicopters – the real legacy of Henry Kissinger and the ruling elite is not a subject discussed by Colbert or the Hollywood glitterati. Because most of us are blissfully unaware and lost in a haze or irrelevancies and mindless entertainment, the crimes will continue and Americans will angrily wonder why they are the most despised humans on the planet.

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